Discussing Dog Sitting Options


When the quarantine is over, and we’re free to get back in our cars and travel, a lot of us are going to be ready to fly the coop. After a few weeks of being stuck at home waiting, most people are going to want to hit the road and travel. An important part of preparing for a trip is finding somewhere for your dog to stay while you are on vacation. Luckily, there are plenty of great options when it comes to leaving your best friend for a few days.

You can leave your dog at home and hire a sitter. Try asking personal friends, young neighbors or local high school and college students. Chances are someone could use a little extra cash and would love to spend some quality time with your dog. They can stop by a few times a day for a walk and a feeding (I would recommend a minimum of three visits if your dog is crated, or two if your dog is allowed to roam the house without you) or they can even spend the night and live at your house while you are gone. Live-In babysitters are a great option with someone you trust as your dog now has companionship all throughout the night. Plus, they get to stay comfortable in their own home. Make sure you provide plenty of snacks if this is the route you go!

You can bring your dog to a doggy day-care facility or kennel. This is what these places are meant for. Their staff is trained to make sure your dog is well provided for even when you are not there. They also have the bonus of being able to socialize with other dogs for hours every day. Just make sure you are comfortable with the facility you choose, and maybe do a practice day before leaving for a whole week. Your pet will thank you for making sure they are safe, happy and healthy.

You can turn to an app, like Wag! Or Rover. These applications provide on-call dog walkers and babysitters with the touch of a button. These are often-times regular people that signed up to field calls and requests for dogs to go on walks. Once again, if you choose an option like this, make sure you are comfortable. Thoroughly read reviews for the individual walkers or programs offered. You want to make sure your best friend is left in capable, loving hands.

Its time for you to get out of here, but make sure you don’t leave so fast your dog isn’t taken care of! There are plenty of wonderful options for leaving your dog happily at home, and if you need a little more guidance, a good resource is always your veterinarian. They know all the best kennels, and dog sitters in town. Ask other dog parents as well! When it comes to raising a puppy, it takes a village.