Lesser-Known Dog Breeds That Deserve More Love


Bullyfambam loves bulldogs, as they are a well-known and loved breed (especially by us). Bulldogs are great, but there are plenty of other dogs breeds out there and some of them aren’t too well known. We thought that we’d take some time to educate you on some lesser-known dog breeds that are amazing and deserve more hype. You may never see these dogs in a commercial, but that doesn’t mean that they are worth any less love. 

Australian cattle dog

Image by Blue Collective

Look at this cutie! We love a good pair of pointy ears. Washington University (WU) calls the Australian Cattle Dog a “strong compact, symmetrically built working dog.” WU says that the name describes the reason they were bred, which is herding cattle. Their stamina, brave, and focus make them good working dogs. Also, Australian Cattle Dogs are loyal and protective. Cattle Dogs are sweet little guys, but there are some lesser-known big dogs too

Mountain Shepherd

Image by Alexanmder Skoridanov

These dogs are HUGE! But hey, big dogs mean big hugs! Their size and strength are why they are used as guard dogs in prisons. In the documentary Russia’s Toughest Prisons, it is said that on their hind legs, this breed stands up to six feet and can weight 200 lbs. They were used as guards for the harshest prisons, and are capable of inflicting serious damage. This doesn’t mean that they are vicious though; they can be impeccable watchdogs. Despite their immense strength, they are also fluffy and puffy. Who doesn’t love a good coat?

Afghan Hound

Image by Jurriaan Schulman

Look at that long, hypoallergenic hair. You can braid it, dye it, and do whatever with it. If you like expressing your style through your dogs, this one may be for you. The AKC calls these gorgeous doggies athletic, loyal, and full of “dignity and style.” They one of the oldest purebred dogs and a breed loved by some famous people like Pablo Picasso. If Afghans are good enough for Picasso, they’re good enough for anyone else. If for some reason the lovely Afghan Hound still isn’t good enough for you, there are other unique breeds out there.

Alaskan Malamute

Image by By SCMW

Like Huskies but think they’re too small? Get an Alaskan Malamute. They weight about 80 lbs and have a similar black and white pattern to the Siberian Husky. Animal Planet says that these majestic sled dogs are great for families, specifically if they like outdoor activities. Alaskan Malamutes are good watchdogs too and can get along with children, but it is best to supervise the dog and kids while they play together. 

These breeds may not be mainstream, but aren’t they adorable? Can you honestly tell us that you don’t want to run your fingers through an Afghan’s hair or ride a Mountain Shepherd into battle (don’t actually do that, that could hurt the dog even though they’re big boys.). We know that at least some part of wants to because all of us do. Do any of you have these breeds? Let us know!