Ways to Incorporate Your Best Friend into Your Big Day


As wedding season fast approaches, it may be time for you to be putting the finishing touches on your own nuptial arrangements- and you wouldn’t want to leave out your mutt-of-honor. Having a dog in a wedding can be “risky,” but it can also be very meaningful for the couple. If you think that may be the case for you, feel free to check out the following ways to honor your best friend on your special day.

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  1. Include them in the photography sessions. Whether it is your engagement session, or the pictures on the actual day, your dog would love to “say cheese!” Check with your photographer before surprising them with a furry companion, but most are willing to work with, and even cherish the uniqueness of including an animal in their photos. Their job is to create something you will remember for years to come and if those memories include a dog, so be it.
  2. Let them walk you down the aisle. Leashed or not, it might be nice to have your pet right by your side as they are for so many afternoon walks. Plus, a leash can easily be hidden behind your bouquet. Just be sure your dog isn’t going to pull you towards the groom at full speed. That can definitely get rid of any air of grace you may have wanted to cultivate. Once you’ve reached the alter, feel free to have your escort help them
  3. Have them deliver the rings. Once again, an escort and a leash might help, but if your pup is up to it go for it! Have them carry a little basket with the rings, or attach them to a collar. Your pup as a ring bearer is always a huge crowd pleaser. Just make sure everyone is safe and comfortable- your furry friend included.
  4. Involve them in the cake cutting. Making sure that you have a doggy diet friendly dessert, let them “cut the cake” alongside you. While you and your new spouse are sharing the serving spoon, they can be digging in to their own dessert. Everyone wins in this instance, and hopefully your dog will be the only one to walk away with cake in their face.

We hope these help your tie together your plans to tie the knot! Wishing you and your love the happiest of lifetimes giving out belly rubs, xoxo #BullyFamBam.