Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday


Have you ever wanted to give your dog the best day ever? Don’t worry, there are a ton of ways to do just that. Read on for some of our favorite ideas, but be sure to send us your own in the comment section:

Throw a Party! Invite all of your friends with dogs, and all of your dog’s best friends for a group hangout. Whether it be inside your house, outside in your fenced in yard, or at the local dog park, get everyone together for a big romp. Your dog will love the opportunity to exercise and be social with so many friends (provided they are not dog aggressive or anxious.) Plus, you and all your buddies will get to watch all of the cuteness!

Play Dress Up! Buy your pup that cute outfit you’ve been eyeing on Chewy.com and let them strut their stuff. Some dogs love dressing up and going for a walk around town, or you may prefer to have a photo shoot with the two of you! Either way, as long as you’re spending time together, your pup will be incredibly happy.

Bake a Cake! Letting dogs eat their favorite dog-approved snacks on their birthdays is a long-standing tradition. Even if you don’t want to make anything yourself, there are tons of dog friendly pastries available at local pet stores or on our favorite Chewy.com. You can pick out something totally scrumptious. If you’re determined to make it with love, however, there are thousands of dog friendly recipes out there for you to try out. In the end, as long as it’s dog-safe, you’re going to be the apple of their eye.

Play with Toys! Let your dog try out some new toys with you! There are plenty of bargains on interactive toys, plush toys and rope toys to be found. If you’re saving money you can always buy a few more and have a big ole toy party. Nothing like a little sensory overload and “zoomies” galore to say Happy Birthday!!!

Trust me, they deserve a little star treatment on their big day, and you deserve a little play time. Feel free to let us know if you’ve thrown a party and really pulled it off in the comments sections. We’re always looking for new ideas on how to spoil our kids.

P.S_ Gatsbys Bday is May 11th. Stay tuned to our IG account to view his birthday Pawty! @bullyfambam.