5 Steps in Helping Your Dog Overcome a Water Phobia


Many dog owners do not dance around the idea that their dogs make have a phobia. Day to night, we discover that our dogs have their own personalities. They may be impressed with playing with their dog toys or even running after the house cat. To keep their dogs happy, the dog owners try to focus on overcoming fears and just like humans, dogs have anxiety issues too! Too many to describe, but the one true famous phobias that some dogs have is water phobias. Why water phobias? There is research to state that many experts feel it is because they had a bad experience when they were younger. Another reason a dog may be afraid of water is that they don’t know what it is. Water comes in several forms and is found in many places and situations. Is it good or bad to train your dogs to love water? Well, to begin with introducing your dogs to water may be a long and tedious approach. If you follow along with proper instruction, you can use these five steps:

  1. Never push your dog to water right away- You must reassure your dogs that water is their friend and they must know how it feels to be wet half the time. While building the notion that water will not harm them. 
  2. Make sure they have plenty of bath time- By bathing your dog more often, the dogs will be comfortable being in the water and know what water looks, smells, and taste like. It will be gradual but very meaningful. 
  3. Throw toys in water to fetch- By placing their favorite objects in water will make them want to fetch it. This will energize them and make them eager to jump in. 
  4. Walk around bodies of water with your dog- By encouraging your dog more and more to be near water will be a fine introduction and make them used to see water
  5. Go in the water with them- If possible, the dogs and their owners should try this exercise whenever they can. Because it will make a happy experience even more worthwhile.

By following these stages, will give a sense of being a great trainer for the dog owner and make the dogs love their owners for helping them along the way. Using other approaches is similar to this is just as trendy. As long as you see your dog or dogs progressing, it should not be such a hard process. Leading to a dog that will overcome their water phobias and anxiety and a dog owner that will feel proud that their dog is brave and able to live a normal existence without fear or obstacles in their way. This will also teach the dogs to not quit. They will be able to run and play more, while also loving life in general. This is what every dog owner wants from their dogs. By being healthy of course, which comes first always!