Happy Birthday for your Doggies!


Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing well and doing their best to stay healthy!
I know these times are hard for everyone, so I just wanted to remind everyone that their lots of ways to get supplies if you need them.

If you go to neighborhood groups on Facebook, most likely you will people who are donating food (pet and human) and other things you might need.
There are also a lot of outlets out when it comes to mental health too. With everything that is going, it is completely normal to feel anxious or not like yourself. These are strange times and lots of things are going on. So, please never feel ashamed to reach out and ask for a helping hand if you are in need!
Ok. Now, this is something that has always seemed a little weird to me, but after looking up the different things that you can do for a dog’s birthday… I get how people can become obsessed with it lol.
I remember going to a friend’s house, he and his girlfriend were throwing a party for the dog. This was my first time going to a party for a dog, so I was admittingly a little freaked out. The thing that freaked me out the most was the fact that there were a good twenty or so people that came out for the dog’s birthday party lol.
The dog was cool and everything, but I would not have thought that many people would be that interested in a dog’s party. But, they all were very into it. I thought it was weird at the time, but now that I want to own a dog, I think I would go way over the top for his or her birthday, lol.
For me, since no matter what gender the dog is, their name would be “Barkson Wentz” (please don’t steal that lol) so I would have a big Eagles themed party for the dog. A big Eagles cake, Eagles blankets, and some Eagles toys. But, that’s just me, lol.
I decided to look at some different ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday and these are the ones that caught my eye and thought were worth sharing.
Taking your dog to their favorite pet store and picking out a gift. It seems simple, but I bet you doggie would really enjoy it and so would you. Just seeing how happy your dog will get is almost a present for you too. Just make sure he or she doesn’t go overboard, lol.
Baking your dog a cake… This seems like a fun way to celebrate the day.

You get to learn something new (unless baking is a hobby of yours) and your dog gets to enjoy a personal gift from you. Just beware and be ready for the big mess that will most likely occur, while they are enjoying their present, lol.
Lastly, enjoying a new place to walk to your dog. You know that dogs love to go somewhere new. They can take in the different smells and whatnot, plus you get to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors too. Win-win!
I hope these ideas are useful to everyone! Also, I hope you all are doing well and staying home as much as you can! Stay safe!
Until next time!

FYI Today is Gatsby’s 7th Birthday! Head over to our IG to join the fun! @bullyfambam.