The Essentials for Dog Adventures


As the weather begins to warm up across the United States and most of this hemisphere, it may be time to go into the woods and enjoy the outdoors. Of course, you wouldn’t want your furry friends to be left behind. To keep this from happening, we’ve compiled a list of affordable essentials you may want to bring with you when you and your pup hit the trails this summer. It will help both of you stay safe and happy.

A Portable Water Bowl: Lixit Thirsty Dog Portable Water Bottle and Bowl

This ingenious invention holds 20 oz of water at a time, comes in many different colors, and is only $6.87 at The design features a flip-down bowl that acts as a sleeve on the water bottle until it’s time for your dog to drink comfortably by flipping the sleeve up to form a bowl. It is a very easy to use option for both you and your pup. It also features a wide opening for efficient cleaning, and for the option of adding ice cubes on especially hot days. The bottle is BPA free and made in America.

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A Doggy Backpack: Outward Hound Crest Stone Explorer Dog Pack

Letting your dog tote some of their own supplies can help ease some of your carrying weight; provided your dog is physically able. Backpacks like this one from Outward Hound provide a safe, easy way to make that happen. The pack is made with mesh to help keep your doggy cool, as well as having adjustable straps to create the right fit. Two sacks that fit snug on both sides of your dog also aid in providing a comfortable balance. It can be purchased in a few different sizes and vibrant colors to help make your dog more visible on the trails.

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A Doggy Life Vest: Outward Hound Neoprene Dawson Swimmer Dog Life Jacket

Outward Hound also makes an affordable Life Jacket for dogs if you and your pup are planning on hitting the lake and you aren’t quite sure your dog is ready to go straight in. The jacket features foam side panels that allow for maximum buoyancy in the water, as well as help keep your puppy warm while they swim. It is important when purchasing something like this that you measure for the right fit, and has a comprehensive sizing guide available on the item page. Your dog will thank you for getting it right when they’re plunging feet first into their next adventure with you!

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It’s also important to bring a few treats, and doggy waste bags with you. Plus, make sure you have supplies for yourself and are staying safe out there! We at #BullyFamBam look forward to running in to you on the trails.