5 Dogs That Barely Shed


Puppy dogs are amazing, but they are a big responsibility, a big messy responsibility. A big complaint from dog owners and people who may want a dog is that they shed. Owning a dog is an amazing experience, and the folks at Bullyfambam wouldn’t want dog hair getting in the way of years of love, snuggles, and companionship. Some breeds don’t shed, or shed very little, so that dog fur everywhere isn’t a part of pet parenthood.



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These beautiful dogs have different fur than most dogs. They shed, but their shedded fur gets stuck in the external curls. The fur can get tangled, which is why they require regular grooming, which could include shaving. Poodles are great if you like small dogs or medium to large sizes since they come in toy and standard sizes. If you don’t like dealing with matted fur, there are other breeds for you.



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This breed is called a Xolo for short and another name is the Mexican Hairless Dog. Plus, they only grow a tiny bit of hair and most of it is on the top of their head. There can’t be hair everywhere if the dog doesn’t have any. Xolos are perfect for people with allergies and can be dark or have a lovely pink spotted pattern. Animal Behaviour says that as puppies, they can be rowdy and need lots of socialization. As adults, they’re usually quite docile and protective. Hairless dogs can be great, and they come in many varieties.

American Hairless Terrier

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Another hairless dog, because again, you won’t have fur all across the house of there is no source of fur. What they lack in hair, they make up for in cuteness. The United Kennel Club (UKC) says that not only are they cute, but they also have lots of energy which makes them great for outdoor sports, like hunting. American Hairless Terriers are smart and they love being with their owners.


Irish Water Spaniel

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The Irish Water Spaniel Club of America states that this beautiful hunting dog is perfect for active owners. They can swim, and look similar to a poodle. However, their fur requires less cutting than the poodle but they have no long coat. They are ideal for families and make great watchdogs. Curly hair is great, but if any of you prefer straight hair, there are other options for you.


Afghan Hound

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The American Kennel Club says that this beautiful breed does not shed. Despite not shedding, those long gorgeous locks take maintenance, which consists of twice-weekly baths and brushing. Also, their fur texture is silky, and who wouldn’t want to pet that? Plus, they require regular exercise, so they’re good for the active owner.

If you’re on the fence about getting a dog because of their shedding, get off that fence and get one of these puppies. These dogs are precious and have many more benefits other than their lack of shedding. There are plenty of breeds that cater to folks with allergies and people who hate vacuuming.