5 Dog Celebrity Influencers Who are Definitely Worth a Follow


The rise of social media has called for a change in the definition of the term celebrity, finally shining the spotlight over to dogs too! If you’re a dog lover, what’s better than seeing a familiar furry friend pop up on your daily feed. Whether certain dogs are famous because of their celebrity owners, or they’re just popular in their own right, dog celebrities are on the rise. If you haven’t been following some fierce pups on Instagram you’re definitely missing out. Were here to educate you on some of the top dogs of Instagram that are definitely worth a follow!

  1. @Boobie_billie

Boobie is a sassy six-pound Italian Greyhouse-Chihuahua mix. She became new to Instagram in July of 2019 and has been bringing people joy ever since with her hot takes on fashion. She has featured many different designer clothing pieces and has even been an influencer for a Glossier, a famous skincare company. Her outfits are perfectly crafted all the way down to her shoes and purses. Boobie has quickly earned her title as the most fashionable dog on Instagram.

2. @Tunameltsmyheart

Tuna is an adorable Chiweenie with an extra wrinkly neck. Shortly after he was adopted from an LA farmer’s market in 2010, his owner made him his own Instagram account when she started to see how much people loved Tuna. People were immediately drawn to his unique looks and spunky personality to match. Tuna now has over 2.1 million Instagram followers and only continues to grow. Everyone loves seeing the shenanigans Tuna gets into on a daily basis.

3. @Loki

Loki the wolf dog is a husky/malamute mix. His owner is an animal lover who loves adventure and the great outdoors. After finding Loki in a blizzard, she immediately identified with his adventurous personality. Ever since, Loki and his owner have been traveling the Western U.S. and documenting their travels through beautiful photographs posted to Loki’s Instagram account. His Colorado lifestyle is absolutely fitting for the type of guy he is. With over 2 million Instagram followers, people cannot get enough of Loki’s sheer beauty and free spirit.

4. @ItsDougThePug

Doug the Pug is a fierce little guy from Nashville, Tennessee who is named “the King of Pop Culture”. Doug captured many hearts on the internet due to his huge personality and hilarious posts. With over 15 million followers across all of his social media accounts, he is definitely a dog celebrity. Doug’s famous Instagram photos feature him dressed up in spirited outfits and put into different backgrounds that are seasonally synced or relevant to current events. This popular pup has even won awards like People’s Choice for “The Animal Star of 2019” as well as many others throughout the years. His influential status around the world has led him and his owner to an international book tour along with the book on the New York Times bestsellers list. Doug is a modern jet-setting dog who is truly living life.

5. @bullyfambam

The Miami Bulldogs that know how to live their best life. From tanning on their private beach to yacht days as #sundayfundays. Bullyfambam was created by their pupmamager, Loly. She first fell in love with her first english bulldog, Bully when she was about 9 years old and ever since has only had bulldogs. From rescuing and adopting her bullies she has a passion and love for all things dogs. P.S- I heard they do monthly giveaways ;).