Pros and Cons of Big Dogs


We love all dogs here at Bullyfambam, but different people need different dogs. As much as we love small breeds, we get that they aren’t compatible with everyone. Large breed dogs are awesome, but a big dog is a big responsibility. 

Pros of having a large breed dog

Big dog = Guard dog

Big dogs are better guard dogs than littles dogs. Don’t get us wrong, we love the little guys, but they aren’t scary. Ever see a chihuahua be a police dog or a prison guard dog? Not likely. If someone is trying to attack you, a one hundred plus pound pupper could knock down the assailant easy. Big dogs also have big jaws that could do serious damage, and their barks are much deeper and more intimidating than small dogs. They’re stronger in other ways too. 

Great size = Great endurance

Blue Buffalo states that big dogs have more endurance than little guys. They need lots of exercise and space to run around due to their size. This makes them ideal for long walks which is beneficial for both you and the pupper. Their big size also helps with other activities.

Big giant cuddles!

Big dogs can handle big hugs. You can hug a big dog tightly and it won’t hurt them, also they can still breathe even if you lay on them. If big dogs sleep in your bed with you, they are a bigger source of warmth and you can spoon with them. Also, you may even be the little spoon, and spooning with your dog is awesome. Despite how awesome cuddleable big dogs are, they have some downsides. 


Potential danger

Blue Buffalo also says that big guys are easy to train and are even good with kids, but if they are left untrained they are a much bigger danger than a rowdy small dog. Big dogs have big teeth, big claws, and lots of bodyweight that could easily knock a person down. If a big dog jumps on you, even playfully, they can still hurt you. However, most large breed dogs are harmless, but this and other concerns are still worth noting.

They have a shorter life span says that small dogs live almost twice as long as big ones. The reason for the shorter life is because of their size, which causes “more strain on its physiological processes.” This strain makes them not last as long, since the higher end of their life span is eight years. However, the years you spend with your dog are well worth it.

Big dogs are more expensive

Big dogs = big spending. Large breeds require more food, which means they cost more to feed. Also, they need space to walk around the house. Plus, they have more fur which could result in higher prices for grooming and more time vacuuming if they shed frequently. 

Dogs are great, but they are not created equal, at least not in size. Small breed dogs are amazing, but they can’t offer everything a bog boy can. The big ones are just as lovable as the little guys, but they come with different perks.