Dogs and Music


There is always video on Youtube of dogs dancing and having fun with their owners to music. These are some of the best videos on the internet. I love it when a dog can get on their hind legs and “dance” with their owners.

I can’t wait to do that with my future dogs. While these videos are very entertaining, they always made me wonder “if the dog likes the music or likes their owner’s movement”. I think it is most likely a combination of both. But, I do remember certain dogs actually loving certain music. So, of course, I went and looked on the internet to see if I could have my question answered.

Music is definitely something that has a huge impact on us as humans. For us, music is the perfect thing that could help us feel better, relax, or even help motivate us for exercise. I wonder if it would have the same effect on dogs. Since dogs are very motivated by their owners, I think that they would pick up on certain songs, that make owners give off certain kinds of energy. Like, I wonder if before a run if an owner plays a playlist, does a dog know to get excited too?

Apparently, dogs do have a significant understanding of music and can even try to match pitches when they hear songs. There are even some studies that show dogs are known to have different tastes in music. I think that would come from the owners though. Because, if you are blasting heavy metal a lot and rocking out, the dog will most likely feel the need to rock out with you, lol. Or, if you are a more laid-back type of person, who mostly listens to classical music, and likes to just hang out, the dog will probably be that way too.

There is even science that shows music has effects on dogs who come from different situations. When you bring home a dog who was a stray, music can help that dog transition into their new forever home easier.  If the dog was in a very hostile situation, bringing them into an environment that is cool, calm, relaxing, could help the dog feel less anxious about the new setting. This also allows the dog to take in the new home with more open-mindedness.

The relaxing setting helps them to realize that they aren’t in any danger and don’t need to be scared of the new people that are in their life now. It’s really great how music can help ease the adoption process for dogs and owners.

It’s so great to learn so many new things when it comes to dogs. For me, it helps me to understand them and possibly have a better connection with the ones that want in the future and be the best dog-dad I can be!

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy! I hope you all can find the essentials and can social distance safely! If you do need things and can’t find them in the stores, check out Facebook groups (in your neighborhood), they might have people who are giving away certain things and trying to help their communities.

Also, hope that you all are keeping up with your mental health too. With this global thing that is happening, it is easy to not feel like yourself and feel off. You may even feel the need to talk to someone, well you can! There a lot of hotlines and online sites dedicated to helping with your mental health! Please take advantage and get help, if you need help! Wishing you all the best!

Until next time! #bullyfambamteam