Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer


Summer is coming soon, and many of us are already experiencing hot weather. Dogs often want to go outside even when it’s really hot, and sometimes they are willing to play even when their bodies are overheating. Owners need to be careful so that their pups don’t experience heatstroke. Here are some tips to keep your dogs cool during these upcoming months.

Try to Avoid the Hottest Times of the Day

When taking your dogs on walks or playing catch with them, try to go out in the early morning or late evening (or whatever time is the coolest in your region). They are less likely to overheat when the outside temperature is cooler than it would be in the middle of a sunny day. However, I know in my area, it can still feel pretty warm and humid in the evening, so you should still be careful not to overdue it when exercising your dogs. On really hot days, it is best to not exercise your dogs outside at all.

Look for Cooling Beds

Beds that feel cool to your dogs when they lie on them can be found in pet stores and online. These beds will vary in if they need to be plugged in, if they need to be wet down before use, or neither. You can even get cooling beds that have canopies attached to them to provide shade or others that are more like cots risen from the hot ground. If you keep a bed like this outside, put it in a shady area if possible and on natural ground rather than concrete. Examples of these beds can be found here.

Keep Your Dogs Hydrated with Cool Water

Obviously you will want your dogs to have plenty of fresh water throughout the day. If you are outside with them, make sure they have access to clean water like this one that are portable.

Get Some Toys Made to Cool Down Your Dogs

There are plenty of toys found in pet stores and online that can be filled with water, put in a freezer, and then played with by your dogs. If you don’t want to buy new toys, you can also just freeze the toys your dogs already have. Frozen toys will provide a nice cooling relief for your pups.

Bring a Kiddie Pool Outside

Many dogs love to splash around or simply wade in these pools after playing and running around. You can also find large pools like this one that are foldable.

Brush Your Dogs Regularly

Brushing your dogs can thin our their coats and help them remove much of their shedding undercoat that is meant to keep them warm in the winter. It is better to brush your dogs than it is to shave them because a shaven dog can get sunburn.

Check How Hot the Ground Is

If you’re thinking about walking or playing with your dogs on concrete, asphalt, dirt, or sand, first put the back of your hand on the ground for several seconds. If the ground is too hot for you, then it is too hot for dogs. Dogs’ paws can burn on hot surfaces just like our feet can, and they can get burns serious enough to lead to a trip to the vet. It’s better to keep it safe and wait for another time to walk no matter how much they beg or keep them on cooler ground.

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