Separation Anxiety


With everyone mostly staying at home all day, except for exercise, and essential things, dogs are probably loving the fact that they can see their owners so much. But, whenever the pandemic is over, it is probably for your dog to go back to the way it was before all of this happened. They are most likely accustomed now to seeing or being around someone all day long. You being home added some special stimulation for the little doggies and taking that away from them is going to be very confusing for them. But, I found some ways to ween them off of missing their owners throughout the day.

First, you will want to get them on some kind of schedule. This could take a couple of days or maybe more, so set some days aside before you go back to your regular routine, to get the dog onto a schedule. This could involve getting your dog used to naps a certain time, so they sleep most of the time that you are work. Keeping playtime set to a specific and not just to whenever the dog wants it to be, because that could spoil him or her, and they might act while you’re gone (tear up furniture).

Next, help the dog by getting him or her used to you leaving. Schedule some times that you running errands and leaving the dog alone. Leave some toys around the house so the dog won’t be bored while you are gone. Especially, some toys that they can chew on, because it would probably end badly if you don’t leave one, lol.  Also, if you can, maybe purchase a camera to put in the house to see how they are dealing with it. I think some cameras have treat attachments, so you could even reward them from time to time, while you’re at work.

Lastly, make sure that when you leave the dog, you helped them work off some energy first. You don’t want the dog to be extra hyper and wondering where “Mommy and Daddy” are to play with. So, try to get some exercise in with them. Throw a ball around and have a nice fetch for a while. Maybe that could be a walk or potty time for them, which actually might help avoid some “accidents” from happening while you are gone. Or, it could be food time, fill their belly’s up, and let them sleep while you sneak out of the door, lol.

I hope this helps you and your dogs, whenever you are set to go back to work. Because you both will miss each other…

Please remember to donate food, money, or even your time (safely) to food banks/shelters during the unsure time we are all facing right now. You probably have a neighborhood group on social media that is dedicated to helping those around you, animals, and humans. It feels great to help out, no matter what way you can!

Until next time!

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