Pros and Cons of a Small Dog


Good things come in small packages, and small breed dogs prove that. Don’t get us wrong, we love big boys but they aren’t for everyone. Small breed puppers are wonderful, but just because they’re little doesn’t mean that raising them takes a small amount of effort.


You can pick them up forever

They’re small, so they’re lightweight, which means that you can carry them their whole life. You can walk around the house with them, pick them up when they need to get out of someone’s way, or you can put them in your bag if they get tired. Having a compact dog have many benefits even while they’re on the ground.

Better for apartments

Big dogs can get stir crazy in a small space, whereas small boys can run around better in a small space. This is good if you move around a lot and they get less tor crazy in the car. Of course, take your fur babies of all sizes on regular walks, but small dogs can get lots of movement in a smaller place. No matter where you are, they’ll give you years of fun and love.

They live longer

The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that small breeds live several years longer than their larger counterparts. Veterinarians say that every 4.4 pounds takes a month off their life. Scientists do not know exactly why this is, but some guesses are the fact that the dogs grow quickly, which can stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Even though small dogs have lots of upsides, there are some things you should consider before buying one.



Yippy barking

If you hate shrill noses, having a little dog may be a challenge. Their barks are very high-pitched and may hurt your ears. Plus, that might annoy your neighbors. However, the frequency of barking depends on the dog and you can get training for them to be quiet. Train your dogs as soon as you can to avoid any other problematic behavior.

May escape through small holes

If you have a small dog, the dog has an easier time fitting through small openings. They could escape from your house or yard, so be sure to fill any holes under your fence. Also, they might get stuck in small spaces, which could hurt them if they get stuck for too long. You have to keep an eye out for your puppy in and outside the house.


Having a little dog comes with big risks. Small dogs can be snatched up by hawks or even eaten by coyotes. Plus, they’re not as easy to see when you drive, which means they’re also more likely to be run over. Be careful when sharing a bed with them, since you could suffocate them if you roll on top of them. Also, hugging them too tightly could hurt them.

If you have a small home and love picking up your pets, small dogs are perfect for you. Be sure that you’re also able to watch your baby closely and that you’re okay with high-pitched barks. Little dogs are proof that bigger isn’t always better since they last longer and can fit anywhere.