Dogs That Are Great With Cats


People use dogs and cats as polar opposites, but depending on the breed and training, they can live in harmony. Some breeds aren’t so great for multi-pet homes, and that’s fine, it doesn’t mean we love them any less. However, if you want both a dog and a cat, here are some good breeds to make that peaceful reality.

Basset Hound

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These guys are adorable; who doesn’t love a good pair of giant, droopy ears and droopy eyes? Plus, the higher end of average for their weight is thirty pounds, so they’re nice and small, kind of like your kitties. The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that Basset Hounds are mellow, which makes them chill enough to be around cats. Hills Pet Nutrition says that Basset Hounds are good with children as well, making them fit for the human and fur babies. Since they’re so calm, fights will be minimal if there are any at all. Higher energy breeds get along with cats too.
Golden Retriever

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Goldens are a gorgeous hunting breed, but just because they’re known for hunting, that doesn’t mean they’ll hunt your other pets. Dr. Karen Becker, a veterinarian that works for HealthyPets.mercola, states that goldens are great for cat owners. Like Basset Hounds, Golden Retrievers are easygoing and get along with other animals. Dr. Becker says that even though Goldens are energetic puppers, they are also gentle with kitties. Goldens are a popular breed, but there are lots of other great breeds.

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Snoopy is a Beagle and everyone loves him. Also, we can’t say we’ve met someoneSitStay says that these little guys smell everything, which means they may smell the cats in your home. Beagles are a joyful and friendly breed that at worst will annoy your kitty. We feel the need to say that is precious to see dogs annoy other pets with love, and that we are guilty of annoying our dogs with love. Being annoyed may not be fun, but you won’t worry about your cat’s safety with Beagles and other well-known breeds.
Labrador Retriever

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Who doesn’t love a Labrador retriever? Labs make the cutest puppies and come in multiple colors. Also, they are common guide dogs and emotional support animals, and their ability to interact with humans carries over to other species. Insider published an article titled “12 of the most cat-friendly dog breeds, according to experts and owners,” and published an opinion from a Quora user who has worked with at least fifty labs, says that they are the best with cats because they are social and gentle. The AKC agrees and says adds that they have “more than enough love to give.” Since labs are so lovable, they’ll get plenty of affection in return.

Bullyfambam is full of dog people, but we get that some pet lovers can’t pick a side. Puppy jumps are great, and so is having your furry friend walk on your keyboard. We would never want someone to choose not to have a dog, but we do want them to make educated choices when choosing a breed.