3 Reasons to Get Dog Booties


Seo Min Hyun once said, “For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places.” This quote is true for people and dogs. Dogs aren’t legally or socially required to clothe themselves, but that doesn’t mean they should remain uncovered all the time, specifically around their paws. Dogs shoes/booties/socks are adorable and are beneficial to both dogs and their owners

Temperature control

If it gets hot outside, so does the pavement, which can burn your dog’s feet. Banfield Pet Hospital states that the pavement can get to almost one hundred fifty degrees, and that could give your dog blisters and interfere with your mobility. Even worse, parts of the paw pads could fall off. Walking a dog gives both the owner and the pet exercise, which is why Banfield still says to enjoy the warm weather, but to also purchase dog shoes to shield them from the hot ground. Also, take other protective measures like avoiding the hottest times of the day and to be on the grass as much as possible. Dog feet are more sensitive than you may think, but we all know that doggy feet can be super messy.

Clean floors

Do you even own a dog if you haven’t had dirty paw prints on your floor? If you say no, you probably have not had a dog for very long. Although paw prints are adorable, they don’t look so great when they’re painted on your carpet in mud. Dog booties can lessen your risk of a messy floor since outside dirt will stick to them before going onto your dog’s feet. Once you get home, you can take off the shoes and toss them in the washer depending on the fabric. Dog shoes are functional as they are adorable.

They’re just adorable

Literally any clothing item on a dog is precious. Dog jacket? Cute. Doggy hat? Cute. Dog shoes? Same thing. Seeing a dog accessorize is sure to bring not only a smile to your face but also to the faces of people who see your dog during a walk. To up the cuteness factor, you could make the booties match their leash and collar so your pupper is both protected and fashionable. Nothing is better than a fashionable doggy, don’t try to convince us otherwise.

Shoes are essential for people, and they’re useful for dogs too. Dog shoes are inexpensive and widely available both online and in-store in http://www.bullyfambam.store. Puppy shoes protect dog paws and human carpets and look adorable while doing so.