Are essential oils bad for your dog?


Many of us have heard about essential oils and why we would want them in our home. However, what most pet parents do not know, is that they are extremely dangerous for their dogs. When we first got our four-month-old Golden Retriever we could not stand the smell that appeared in our house every time he went outside. We bought an endless amount of candles that would run out in a matter of 3 days and was affecting us financially. When I found out about essential oils/diffusers I thought that I had found the holy grail and would solve my problems. However, little did I know about the consequences it was bringing to our pets. I wanted to share with my fellow dog parents to be better informed and not make the same mistakes we did. Of course, it is very important to talk to your veterinarian about the hazardous chemicals that oil diffusers contain and also wanted to include organic ways that you can make your home smell like a dream!

The Dangers

According to the ASPCA, essential oils have become a must-have item for households all over the world due to the pros that are promised. For example, there are some essential oils that claim to help with anxiety, insomnia, or health-related issues. Of course, the first thing you think about when you hear the many testimonials from various customers is that it will also help your pet. As pet parents, we want to give the best pampering products that we can possibly give. Furthermore, the big issue with essential oils is that they contain very strong smells that we as humans can handle but, our dogs are very sensitive to what they smell which makes it hazardous to their natural body chemistry. If your pet is experiencing any symptoms such as sudden fatigue, drooling, redness, or burns on their lips it is important to immediately call your veterinarian and if not available call the Pet poison helpline at (800) 213-6680. Please remember these important tips: wash the oil if your dog licked it, bring the essential oil to your veterinarian so he/she is well informed and don’t medicate unless an expert tells you.

Hazardous oils include but not limited to:

  • Cinnamon
  • Citrus (d-limonene)
  • Pennyroyal
  • Peppermint
  • Pine
  • Sweet birch
  • Tea tree (melaleuca)
  • Wintergreen

What can I do?

There are products that are pet-friendly that you can buy at any time! Do not worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel that can make your home smell like a dream again. Such as:

  • Lemony sniffet (4Legger) – This pet safe is combined with lavender for relaxation which has been proven to be very pet-friendly.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Sunshine in a bottle (4Legger) – Helps to cleanse the air while providing general health benefits and does not contain hazardous smells or chemicals.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

As always, contact your veterinarian about the limit you can have the diffuser running and regarding more tips to protect your pup! Please stay safe. Until next time!