Why You Should Consider Doggy Massage


Lots of people enjoy professional massages, while some are uncomfortable with paying strangers to touch them. Whether or not you like massages (no judgment either way), they give lots of health benefits like reducing muscle soreness. The practice is great for people, and also dogs. Almost every dog likes some type of touch, whether it be through belly rubs, scritches, or snuggling and there are many reasons to give your dog a massage.

1. Circulation

It’s no secret that massage helps a person’s blood circulate, and dogs get the same perk. Mountain View Animal Hospital states that dog massage helps the circulation of many bodily fluids. This includes sweat, which helps with temperature regulation. Other fluids that circulate better with massage include but are not limited to:

-Cerebral spinal fluid
-Eyeball fluid
-Cellular fluid

In short, lots of bodily fluids function better from massage therapy. There are lots of physical benefits to canine massage, and there are psychological ones too.

2. Emotional wellness

People feel good after a massage, and so do dogs. Big Brown Dog Therapy claims that canine massage helps both the body and mind. When your dog gets rubs, they release endorphins which reduces pain and increases happiness. In addition to the good mood, the touch can also help you form a deeper relationship with your pupper. Your pupper will love the mental and physical benefits of massage.

3. Muscles

Like we said before, people feel less muscle soreness after a massage, and dogs have the same outcome. The American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation (AKCCHF) states that massage can help a dog’s muscular range of motion and bodily alignment. AKCCHF also helps prevent muscle issues that come from “irregular movement.” This helps your dog be able to move more and maintain their weight, which will keep your dog healthy and around for a long time. Getting all these benefits may be only a call away.

How to get it

Hire someone

Lots of individuals and businesses offer it. You could call an independent contractor to come to your home and give your dog a massage. Also, lots of canine rehab offices and pet resorts offer dog massage. However, not everyone has the money available for these services, but you may have the time and skill set.
Learn it yourself

If you’d like, you could get certified in the art of canine massage. Having the certification will help you learn proper techniques and may even help you make money. However, certification costs money too, and it’s not always necessary. You can look up dog massage techniques on Youtube or Google. Your dog will thank you for it and you can receive some of the benefits.

Touch is good for both people and dogs, and there are many ways to get it. You can pay a professional to massage your dog, or you can look up the techniques yourself and try them out on your pupper. The folks at Bullyfambam believe it will be great for both you and your fur baby.

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