How to Calm Your Dog Down Naturally When There are Fireworks


                  Dogs are naturally afraid of loud noises and with the upcoming fourth of July celebration, there seem to be lots of dogs that are seen at their local animal shelters. When this happens it conjures signs that a dog is in need of help. Though there are many ways to tend to your dog when there are loud noises, such as fireworks. Many have been so obvious. However, there are other options. Natural remedies have always helped humans calm down but can it help your dog? Here are a few suggestions and please know that this isn’t actually a go cure for nervousness and panicking on he part of the dog:

1 place frankincense behind your dog’s neck to calm them. The smell will actually make the dogs feel relaxed.

2. Filling up your dog’s bowl with water will not only quench their thirst but also can keep them from panting too much.

3. Try taking your dog to the vet to try natural supplements like Zylkene which keeps your dog from being anxious.

4. Stock a treat bag. Feed one piece at a time to your dog throughout the fireworks to counter condition and distract. If your dog is willing, make a game of it and ask her sit, down, ‘find it’, shake hands, and other distracting cues. Freeze a Kong with kibble mixed with baby food.

5. Noise-canceling headphones seem to provide the right white noise. 

There are so many suggestions and tips out there that seem to either do the trick or can cause weird side effects. It is always best to check with your local veterinarian before starting a remedy or treatment. It was always thought that the only tips that can make a big difference are:

  1. Take your dog on walks during the day so that when the evening approaches and it is time for fireworks, your dog will be too tired to even listen or react to the fireworks. 
  2. Wearing a hoodie around their head. This can either be bought or made. You can find these hoodies on such sites as pets smart or You can make a hoodie from a turtleneck
  3. Give your dog a toy to chew. This is a usual distraction. It can provide your dog with endless entertainment and leaves your dog feeling playful and energized, rather than sad and nervous. 

In the end, it is logical that dogs will feel the effects of a great Fourth of July celebration. Picturing your dog healthy and calm will be great and offering them aid will also be fantastic! For dogs like people are like our family and we need them to feel just as safe and at home then our grandparents or kids. 

and at home then our grandparents or kids.