Bad Foods for Dogs


Now, with the weather getting nice and states slowly starting to open up again, you (your family) and your pup are going to start to get outside and try to enjoy the weather. After the past few months, we all deserve it. Getting back into nature is a great way to reflect, relax, and recharge. Your dog loves it too, so he or she, can stretch their legs and smell new things. They might even meet a dog friend to have fun with. Enjoy and have fun, but try to remember to be safe, and aware of others. Wash hands or sanitize as much as you can and careful of how much you touch your face and others.

With all of the fun going, pets can be very sneaky, and try to put their noses and mouths where they don’t belong. This could mean that they are going to try to enjoy some of the new foods that you eat while going outside again. They are very curious and if the foods have a particularly good smell, the dogs smell it too.

While out with your dog, especially if you are sitting on the ground or have drinks that they are in reach of, make sure to cover your alcoholic beverages. It might seem like a “duh” tip, but a lot of people can become a bit forgetful after having a few drinks, and then the dog could take advantage of mom or dad not watching them. Alcohol could have some bad effects on dogs because it doesn’t take as much to affect a dog’s liver, brain, various other organs. So please lookout.

The next food is a bit surprising, raisins or grapes. Apparently, these are very bad for dogs and can cause kidney failure for them. The harsh side effects of vomiting and depression could happen as quickly as a day and can even give them very sore throats. So, definitely, keep these out of your dogs reach, because it could be a very bad thing for them to come across.

Since it is the summertime, foods might actually become spoiled or moldy a lot sooner as it gets hotter. This could be a cause of concern if you happen to have a dog that likes to get into the trash. If so, I would try to get the trash out of the house immediately or make sure that it is truly covered, because if a dog gets into it, they can become sick.

I think some think that dogs have like something close to an “iron stomach”, but it seems like quite the opposite. I think that they can eat anything, lol, but we have to try our best to not let them. It could be tough because they are so adventurous, curious, and nosey lol. But, do the best that can, because you will be saving them a trip to the vet or maybe worse!