What to Know Before Adopting an English Bulldog


As you can tell, we love English bulldogs here at BullyFamBam. Personally, I love their wrinkles and smooshed faces. English bulldogs are great pets, and if you are considering adopting one, here are some things to know before you find a new furry companion.

They are a gentle breed

Some people mistake bulldogs to be vicious. It may be due to their strong bite. It may be due to their ancestors being used to fight centuries ago. In fact, they are called bulldogs because they were used in the cruel sport of “bull-baiting”. Today, however, bulldogs have been bred to be companions since the 19th century. They tend to be affectionate and unwilling to start fights. While not every bulldog is the same, they are overall a gentle breed.

They need their wrinkles cleaned daily

The fur in the face’s wrinkles can get dirty and infected. The areas inside the wrinkles can be missed during a normal bath. Taking a damp washcloth and wiping inside the wrinkles daily will keep the face clean. Also, make sure to dry the wrinkles thoroughly afterwards.

They gain weight easily

Bulldogs are prone to weight gain especially since they like to overeat. Feeding bulldogs the correct amount of food and daily walks should keep them at a healthy weight. Bulldogs are definitely not very active dogs, and they may not always feel like taking a walk. However, exercise is important for them because being overweight or obese can cause health problems. These problems include too much stress on the joints, hip dysplasia, and heart and lung problems.

They cannot tolerate hot, humid weather

Because English bulldogs have short snouts that are close to the rest of the face, they have trouble keeping themselves cool in hot temperatures. They have small naval cavities which leads them to breathe very heavily in hot weather, and they can not get rid of body heat easily. If you get a bulldog while living in a hot environment, make sure to provide plenty of shade and water.

They can live in a variety of living situations

Because of their low to moderate exercise levels, they can live comfortably in apartments. They can also live in a house with a yard. Just don’t leave them outside all day because a) they can’t stand heat or very cold weather and b) they are affectionate dogs who love to be with their owners. English bulldogs also do well in families with children because of their docile nature.

In conclusion

English bulldogs are sweet tempered dogs that come with their own health issues to watch out for. As with any breed, it is always best to do plenty of research before deciding to adopt these one of these wonderful dogs.

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