Best Dog Foods


Dogs are family members, but we feed them differently. Pup pups are top quality pets, so they should get top quality food. Any doctor will tell a patient to eat healthily, and any vet will tell an owner to have their dog do the same. If you’re unsure about what kibble to get your fur baby, here are a few great options.

Origen Original

This dry dog food was voted Best Overall by Business Insider. Each recipe is designed to replicate a wild dog’s diet and properly fuel your puppy. The ingredients are locally sourced and none of their products have been recalled. Some of their products have about 90% meat. Their products are grain-free and contain healthy carbs from veggies and fruits. This way your dog will get plenty of protein and fiber to aid in overall function. Origen also makes kibble for all stages of your dog’s life.

Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance Ultra Premium

Elk Country Animal Shelter gave this a score of 122 out of 100, earning it an A+. It is fortified with vitamins like E and B12 and the first ingredient is chicken. It comes in small bites so chewing is easier for your doggy and may be a good option for small breeds. Dick Van Patten also makes vegetarian blend and low-calorie formulas for obese dogs (which is their Fat Dog formula). There are also wet blends in addition to small bites so dogs of all ages can eat Dick Van Patten products with ease.

Royal Canin Small Senior

Older puppers have different nutritional demands, it’s part of growing up. Central Park Paws recommends Royal Canin Senior for its protein and because it’s easy to digest. Each piece is small which is ideal for little dogs and contains added calcium, vitamin A and B12, and folic acid. These nutrients keep your dog healthy and the formula helps reduce fecal odor. This will help especially if your dogs have lost control over their bowels. This kibble benefits both the owner and the puppy (all dogs are puppies, even the old ones; it’s a fact no arguing allowed).

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

This is the number one seller on AMazon’s list of dry dog food. There are lots of options with this brand like their Healthy Weight Formula, Fish and Brown Rice, and Lamb and Brown Rice. The first ingredient in the Chicken and Brown Rice recipe is chicken and all the formulas have fruits and veggies so your dog gets lots of vitamins and antioxidants. Their formulas have meat as the first ingredient to give your dog the protein he or she needs. Blue Buffalo has no soy, corn, or artificial flavors so that your dog stays in tip-top shape.

These breeds help you furry family members live long and healthy lives. Dogs need vitamins, protein, and minerals, just as much as their owners. To give your dogs what it needs, you could look for these dog food blends and brands.