How to keep your dog’s nails from growing too long


Ever get greeted by your dog jumping and he scratches you? Does it hurt when your dog puts his or her paw in your lap and then scratches you as they put it back onto the ground? If you said yes to these questions, then it may be time to cut your dog’s nails. For many owners, this is no easy task, and there are many ways to do it.

1. Walks

This method benefits you and the dog. You’ll both get exercise and fresh air, and walking on sidewalks and other cement areas will help file down your dog’s claws. When using this option, be sure that the weather isn’t too hot. Your dog’s paws could burn on the pavement, and no one wants that. Walking is a wonderful option with many upsides, but hot weather makes it difficult sometimes, so you may have to control your dog’s claw length in a different way.

2. Nail clippers

This one was obvious, but it isn’t for everyone. Some dogs are jumpy around nail clippers and may yank their paws from the clippers while you’re trimming. This could result in a botched clipping or even an injury. When clipping your pup’s nails, be sure you know where the nerves end and the nail begins. If you cut them too short, your dog’s nails could bleed and the short nails could get infected. Also, it just hurts, and that can make it hard for your dog to trust you to do it again. Nail clippers can be tricky, but they aren’t the only way to keep your dog’s nails in check.

3. Nail file

We’ve all seen these bad boys. This is an easier tool to use, but it takes longer to use. Dog nail files serve the same purpose as human nail files, and it can be easier to know when to stop when using them. Sometimes when you use clippers you position them to far up your nair and cut off too much, resulting in an exposed nail bed. With nail filing, you have a much clearer idea of the nail’s length. If that’s too much work, then there are other options.

4. Just get someone else help you to do it

Grooming your dog can be hard, so someone else can do it for you. Look up dog groomers in your area and see if they offer nail trimming services. Dog groomers are trained to handle claws and since in a typical pet resort or salon there are multiple employees, so the chances of your dog’s nails being trimmed well are much higher. You can even give your dog a pedicure if you want. Just think of how cute your dog’s nails would look if they were trimmed and polished!

Every dog is different, so they’ll need to be trimmed in different ways. Sometimes the method of nail clipping is as easty as a walk, and sometimes it’s too hard to do yourself. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and there’s more than one way to groom a dog.