Dog Obesity Risks


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes a dog’s size isn’t ideal. It’s not for vanity reasons, since we believe it’s next to impossible for a dog to be ugly. We want your dog to be healthy as possible, and part of health is staying at an ideal side.

What is obese?

The exact number on the scale will vary from breed to breed, but VCA Hospitals says that a dog is obese when they are 10-20% over their ideal weight. The American Kennel Club (AKC) says that if your dog’s body is round or shaped like an oval, they may be obese. If your dog has a small waist, then the dog could be at an ideal weight. Fat dogs are precious, but they aren’t healthy for they threaten many health risks. 

What happens if your dog weighs too much?

The short answer is a lot of terrible stuff. Tufts University says that like humans, excess weight puts pressure on the joints. When an overweight dog loses as little as 6% of their weight experience much less joint pain. Also, Tufts says that obese dogs are more likely to get cancer. The AKC says that excess fat can take two and a half years off a dog’s life and can lead to other problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, liver failure, and urinary tract infections. As pet owners ourselves, we love our doggies and we want to show them our love through helping them live a healthy life. 

How to prevent obesity

Dog obesity is a preventable and curable problem. We know it’s hard to say no to their begging eyes at dinner, but it’s for their own good. Also, some movement never hurts.

Decrease your feeding portions

You can do this gradually, but a common reason dogs get fat is because they eat too much. It is possible that you’re feeding your dog too much at mealtimes, or maybe even throughout the day.

Limit table scraps

We know it’s hard to deny dogs a treat, but it has to happen. What we eat isn’t always dog-friendly. Frankly, we don’t even eat what’s best for humans. Be sure you know what is and is not okay to share with your dog. 


Take your puppies out for walks! It’s great for both you and the dog. This will burn calories, and the calories you pup eats hopefully comes from healthy food.

Healthy treats

Dogs love all kinds of people food, healthy or unhealthy. You can use healthy people food such as carrots and apples. These will be much healthier than sharing junk food with your dog or letting them have high-calorie table scraps.

Dog’s are man’s best friend, so it’s best to feed them in a way that preserves their life. We don’t want to see our friends have a low quality of life because of poor dietary choices. Dogs are lovable at all sizes, but they are not healthy or happy at all sizes.