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Dogs for Mental Health


Dogs are really a treasure on this planet and should be treated that way. It is amazing how they pick up on our feelings and sometimes realize just when we need affection. Their intuition is almost better than humans in that sense. Their sense and need for love and affection are miles above ours as humans. It makes you wonder “what if we all valued love for others as much as dogs do”?

All of us are dealing with the quarantine the best way that we can. Some of us are exercising more, some are learning how to work, some of us are having like 15 Zoom meetings a day, lol. Also, a lot of us are struggling with mental health issues. That is nothing to be ashamed of, everyone is finding out a very new way to deal with is going on in the world.

There are a lot of mental illnesses out there that can be helped (not cured) by the presence of dogs or any appropriate animals. They provide so much love that so many people with mental illness are looking for, but sometimes don’t find. Someone could be struggling behind closed doors and might not be able to open up and share their feelings with others. But, just regular comfort from a dog, could not only bring a person out of their funk but could lead them to ask for help, for a certain problem that they were too shy to share about with others before.

There are actually specific breeds that are known for helping people with mental health issues. When it comes to service dogs, poodle seems to stand out. They are very smart and are very good at training. Their intelligence helps to make them a viable option for service dogs. Along with their intelligence, they are reported to be very nice and sweet. This also helps when providing a service for those with anxiety and depression.

Pugs are another breed that just great for this service. They are just natural-born cuddlers who just want to make you happy and love you. They have been reported to be an awesome match for people who might be going through depression. Pugs, love to stay inside (well, love anywhere, really lol) they just go with the flow of whatever you’re going through and wherever you need to go.

In severe cases (like schizophrenia), the clear cut recommendation is Golden Retrievers.  Their calming and safe demeanor helps those with more severe illnesses to feel better and safe. They are shown to be very much of a security blanket for people. So, trustworthy and loyal, those two feelings could be missing from someone’s life, and it could be filled by these magnificent creatures.

While these dogs do make great companions, if you feel that you suffering mentally, always try to seek out help from a professional. These animals can take away some of your bad feelings, but the help from a professional cannot be matched.

Until next time!