Do dogs really die if they eat chocolate?


There are two types of people on this planet: people who enjoy chocolate and absolute sociopaths (people who don’t like chocolate due to some sort of medical condition are an exception). Chocolate is fantastic and even has health benefits, such as antioxidants, and possible heart disease reduction. These health benefits happen to people, but sadly not to dogs. Every dog pwner has heard something along the lines of “don’t give your dog chocolate or they’ll die.” Dogs have eaten chocolate and survived, so this begs the question of how true is the belief that chocolate is lethal to dogs.

Will my dog die is he eats chocolate?

In short, the answer is depends on how much. Even if the amount of chocolate isn’t lethal, it is likely enough to have a negative impact. Hills Pet states that the reasons dogs cannot eat chocolate or other cocoa foods is because of the theobromine. The darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it has. Humans process theobromine easily, while dogs process it much slower. While the chemical is in the dog’s system, it can get to unsafe levels. Different factors go into your dog’s response to chocolate such as

-how much chocolate was consumed
-autoimmune conditions
-size and weight

What happens if my dogs eat chocolate?

VCA Hospitals says that a dog around fifty pounds only needs to have an ounce of baking chocolate or nine ounces of milk chocolate to get sick. A toxic dose is a milligram of theobromine per kilogram of bodyweight. Twenty grams can induce diarrhea and vomiting, forty grams can cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure. VCA Hospitals reports that sixty grams can lead to seizures and twitching, while two hundred grams can kill a dog.

No matter what your dog weighs or what conditions they have, it is safe to avoid chocolate altogether and keep any cocoa you may have out of your dog’s reach. The dog has to regurgitate the chocolate soon after consumption to avoid the negative effects.

What to do if your dog eats cocoa

Here are some, resources to call in case of an emergency.

Pet poison hotline: (855) 764-7661
Or call animal control or your veterinarian

How to prevent these side effects

Well, obviously don’t give your dog chocolate. However, there are other preventative measures you can take to avoid cocoa-related illness like:

-Keep any chocolate/cocoa items on a high shelf out of your dog’s reach
-Have other people in the house hide their cocoa products
-Educate anyone watching your dog about the effects of cocoa
-If needed, don’t have cocoa in the house
-dispose of cocoa in a garbage can the dog cannot access
-Don’t give your dog’s carob, it has theobromine but still has a lower amount than chocolate

As great as chocolate is to people, it is horrible for dogs. Too much chocolate can be bad for humans, but almost any chocolate at all is bad for dogs. Even though chocolate may not always kill your dog, your dog should stay away from it.