Restaurants that have something for you and your dog


Going out to eat is a chance to take the night off from cooking and to socialize. Restaurants that know what’s up allow people to bring their dogs, and offer that we commend. Going out to eat is different than staying in, but one thing remains the same if the dog is in either scenario: the dog will beg for table scraps. Luckily, there are plenty of places that have dog-friendly menu items so you can keep your meal without feeling guilty about saying no to your dog’s precious begging eyes.


This famous coffee chain gives a free treat to your dog called a Puppoccino. A Puppoccino is simply a complimentary cup of whipped cream for your fur baby. This fun menu item makes coffee runs fun for both you and your pet. Also, it’s a better option than letting your dog take a sip of your caffeine-laden and possibly scorching hot coffee. Starbucks is a great place for a drink, but dogs can get sweet treat at other places too.

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Cake is great, and dogs like it too. However, it can be too sugary or chocolatey for dogs, so Sprinkles has a solution: pupcakes. Pupcakes are little cakes made with dog-safe ingredients like egg whites and a yogurt frosting. As if that wasn’t great enough, the cakes are topped with a cute little bone garnish. If you and your dog want more than just a drink or snack, there are full sit-down restaurants for your human and furry family.

International Smoke

If any of you live in San Diego (particularly the Del Mar area) and have a doggy, then this is the restaurant for both of you. This International Smoke has an entire menu for dogs titled “Fido’s Feast.” A notable dish from the menu is Doggy Moco Loco which is a plate of rice and beef. This barbeque restaurant is perfect for dog owners, and there are fast food joints that cater to both human and canine guests.

Shake Shack

This burger chain has two tasty options for dogs, the Bag O’Bones, which is a bag of dog biscuits, and the Pooch-ini, a peanut butter-vanilla custard treat with two biscuits. Shake Shack states that the Poochi-ini is not for small dogs. This is due to the peanut and milk products used to make it. This tasty item has sugar which is fine in small amounts, like the items in the next restaurant.

Dairy Queen

This delicious ice cream restaurant has frozen treats for dogs and people. The treat they have for dogs is Called a Pup Cup, which is a dog treat on top of some vanilla ice cream. How adorable! If you’d like a less sweet option for you or your dog, the next chain restaurant has got you covered.

In N Out

This famous California eatery has what’s called a Pup Patty, which is an unsalted burger patty. This is perfect since beef is found on many dog foods. You can also order the Flying Dutchman, which is two beef patties with two cheese slices.

Restaurants can be great for both people and dogs. No matter where you go, chances are your dog will want some of your meal. However, some places are willing to prepare your dog a meal.