New pup? What is their name?


Deciding to invest in a puppy is A LOT! There are so many factors to consider. Determining if you have enough space, both literally and emotionally, is the first step and, from there, the things that need to be considered only increase. For example, settling on a breed seems easy enough; however, it involves a lot of research, not to mention monetary considerations. Through all this hullabaloo, picking a name might seem minor or just fully escape your mind, but choosing a name is just as crucial a decision and arguably requires just as much thought. Pick the wrong one and you might even catch your dog singing that song by The Ting Tings…

If you’ve made it this far in the article you’ve either got a new puppy or have decided to. Congratulations! Despite the challenges, all the investments are more than worth it when you’re cuddling with your new little floof. So, when you are a first time dog owner, once you have the puppy, the next steps may be a little unclear, especially with all the excitement. What does come next? Getting her vaccinated, buying her t he perfect new toys, finding the healthiest dog food? While all those things are super important, there is a step before them that is just as, if not more, important. You have to choose a name!

As already mentioned, getting a new dog is hectic. My cousin and I just made a twelve hour trip to pick up hers and were immediately faced with the realization that we hadn’t come up with a name before we got the pup. The five hour drive home consisted of us just saying names back and forth… Coming up with the perfect name, that suits you and your dog, is hard. After-all the name you choose is a reflection of you as a person and a pet owner, as well. Looking up names on the internet can be insincere, in that sense.

There are heaps of name generating websites out there, but looking at these lists may be dizzying and overwhelming. So, what do you do? Well, from personal experience, I would highly recommend having a narrowed down list of names before you pick up your pooch. Start by considering the things that are important to you: favorite movies, characters, actors, colors, etc. Then, with the pup in mind, what would suit her looks?

Still overwhelmed? It’s okay! A lot of dog gurus suggest giving your doggo a name that ends with a vowel. This makes sense for two main reasons. Firstly, dogs can have a much better capability of picking up on frequency ranges. This simply means that it would be easier to get your dogs attention when you say her name. Secondly, dogs that end in vowels tend to already sound like pet names (no pun intended). Another good tip I was given was to avoid names that could get confused with simple commands. Dogs do have good hearing, but if you don’t articulate well enough, then they might get confused by what it is, exactly, that you are saying to them.

These few tips should help you get a list of no more than seven names. Once you pick up your new dog, evaluate her personality. Which name on the list seems to best suit her personality? Odds are, whatever it is, that’s the best name for your new friend. There’s a lot that goes into getting a new dog. Hopefully these few pointers help the process. Five hours of name dropping, in a car with a nervous puppy, is not that fun. We’re here to help you avoid that as best as possible.