Why dogs put their paws on you


Dog’s are man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean we always understand each other. Dogs engage in many strange behaviors, like mounting, barking at nothing, and putting their paws on people. Despite how randomly dogs place their paws on you, they have many reasons for it, some of which are real sweet while others are more selfish.

1. They want food

Who didn’t see this one coming? What dog doesn’t like being fed or getting their fix of people food? The Dog Clinic states that pawing can be a dog’s way of fulfilling his needs (Here we are thinking it’s love and affection, the deception!). If your dog keeps pawing you at the same time of day, they could be reminding you to feed them. The Dog Clinic advises pet owners to not always reward food-related pawing since it could lead to them gaining too much weight. Also, constant pawing may get annoying. Even if the pawing is excessive, it is still a cute behavior that pet owners can’t help but encourage. 

2. They want attention

Yet another obvious reason! Let’s be real, we often want our dog’s attention too. Have you ever given your dog scritches and then they gave you your paw when you stop? Well, Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine says that pawing is not only an attempt at getting food, but also attention, such as scratches and pets. Your dog may do this even without being pet first, they just want your love! Who isn’t happy to give it to them? They’re too cute to say no to, but we can’t give dogs everything they want. 

3. They’re apologizing

Canidae says that if your dog gives you his paw after he misbehaves, it’s his way of saying sorry. It’s usually accompanied with tucking their tail between their legs, whining, or even sad eyes. This gesture is performed in hopes to get reassurance, and they hope you’ll acknowledge the pawing. Besides, can you really stay mad at a cute dog? We can’t. You won’t stay mad if you know the next reason for their pawing.

4. They love you

Herepup gives us the answer we’ve all been waiting for. Dogs paw for attention, and also affection toward their owners. They may want you to pet them back, which is amazing. If you do it first, they may be trying to pet you back. Some people may be annoyed by pawing, but keep this reason in mind when you feel annoyed. In our honest opinion, dog affection is never annoying, unless it’s painful like when a Great Dane jumps on you and almost knocks you to the ground. 

Actions speak louder than words, and that’s why dogs use their paws. Dog’s put their paws on you for many reasons, all of which satisfy physical and emotional needs. No matter what they’re reason is, the action is always cute (unless the dog has long nails and the pawing just ends up becoming a scratch). 

Do your dogs paw at you? Why do they usually do it? Let us know in the comments! #bullyfambam @bullyfambam