5 Dogs that Don’t Need Lots of Exercise


We believe everyone can benefit from having a dog, but not everyone can accommodate one. Some may not be able to afford a dog, others may move around too often, while some are allergic to most breeds. Another concern is if an owner will be able to walk a dog and give it its daily dose of exercise. Some dogs don’t need much movement and here are some breeds that will do well with a small house or busy schedule.

  1. Chihuahua

These itty bitty boys are great if you don’t have time or space to walk a pupper. These small dogs don’t require much walking, given their tiny size. Those short legs can only handle so much. Also, they don’t need as much room to walk around because of their size. Animalfunfacts.com says that in addition to their low maintenance exercise routine, they’re also easy to groom. All you need is one brushing a week, and the same goes for the next breed (maybe even less).

  1. Bulldog

Bullyfambam’s favorite! Of course, this had to be on the list. Purina dog food states that bulldogs are a low-energy breed. They may be mellow, but like any other dog, they enjoy being walked but don’t need it as often as most breeds. Like Chihuahuas, they also don’t demand lots of grooming, and neither do many other low-energy breeds.

  1. French Bulldog

The adorable French Bulldog is great for small living space. Red Mills Pet says that these babies can live in an apartment and only need a short walk a day. Little dogs get tired quicker which will give you more time for yourself. Also, most living spaces will accommodate a Frenchie’s movement needs. If you want a bigger lazy breed, don’t worry; there are some bigger dogs for you.

  1. Basset Hound

Animals.net calls this breed “more of the tortoise than the hare” when referencing its energy levels. Basset hounds are precious and move at a steady and slow pace. Some time in the backyard or a short walk can fulfill their movement needs. Honestly, these dogs just look slow, does the fact that they’re on this list surprise you? Those droopy eyes and stump legs don’t exactly steam fast. Animals.net also has other recommendations for people who don’t like hyper dogs.

  1. Pug

These dogs need moderate amounts of exercise but don’t always want to do it. Animals.net says that pgs are snugglers and that you don’t need to walk them for very long. They also like to exercise by playing with the whole family. Be sure to exercise them even though they are low-energy since this breed is particularly prone to obesity.

If you can, we suggest you get a dog for a variety of reasons. They offer years of joy and snuggles and come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether you want a giant watchdog or a breed that is tiny its whole life, there is a dog out there for you. Puppers also accommodate all different lifestyles, as if you needed another reason to like dogs.

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