Dog TikTok Trends


TikTok is a relatively new social media site. Since 2016, when it was created, it has gained over 1 billion users. And a lot of those users have dogs.

While scrolling through the videos, you’ll see among other things, dog hacks, and funny anecdotes about dogs. 

There are also several trends going on, that you might want to get in on with your dog. They are fun to make and give you some much needed bonding time together. Making Tik Tok videos will also give you good memories of you and your dog for when memories are all you have.

Call Your Dog’s Name

For this trend, you sit down next to your dog and call his or her name. Act like you don’t know your dog is right there, and see how he or she reacts.

See How Many Taps You Can Get

There is an audio clip going through TikTok that starts off like a countdown clock, and then turns into race music. The idea is to tap your dog’s head as many times as you can until your dog gets annoyed.

Clingy Dog

This trend wants you to show us that your dog is clingly without actually saying that your pet is clingy. There are a few ways to do this. One user closed his bathroom door and a few seconds later his dog barged in. Another option is showing your dog invading your personal space.

Boom, Puppy

Another audio clip that is making the rounds is a short clip that as a joke claims to make you TikTok famous. It says “apparently the people of TikTok like this. You walk in and boom, puppy.” You show a room in your house and end with a view of your dog doing whatever he or she does. Your dog could just be lying on the sofa. It doesn’t matter.

Found a Stick

This audio is a song that your dog is singing about a stick they found. Record your dog carrying a stick around the yard or park and use the audio. 

The Dog We Thought We Were Getting

This trend is where you show photos of the dog breed you got. They can be vicious, mean looking dogs, or dogs that are prim and proper. Then show a video clip of the goofy antics that your dog does, stating the dog you actually got.

Treats Under Sleeping Dog’s Nose

For this trend, you need to wait for your dog to fall asleep. Then you place their favorite treat under their nose and see how your dog reacts.

Just Did a Good Thing

This is a fun trend to do when you first bring home your dog. You show all the toys, bed, food, and other dog essentials. Make the last frame of the video your new friend.

These are just a few trends going on. There are more out there, all you have to do is look for them. Or create your own trend with your dog. You can follow @bullyfambam on Tik Tok! We will be launching new videos soon!

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