Spending Time with Dogs When You Don’t Own One


Are you a dog lover, but unable to have one? Is your roommate allergic? Does your landlord prohibit them? Are your kids afraid of dogs? Does your spouse not want to deal with the shedding and the slobber?

Here are six ways to satisfy your desire to spend time with a dog without getting evicted or ruining your relationships.

  1. Volunteer at the animal shelter

Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to walk the dogs and play with them. Look for your local shelter online and see what their application process is. This will also look good on your resume, if and when you need a new job. Perspective employers like to see volunteer work. Win. Win.

2. Dog sit for a friend

Taking a vacation with a dog is hard. So, volunteer to help your friends have hassle-free vacation by volunteering to check up on their dog every day. Tell them your rate for watching their dog, and get paid to do something you want to do anyway. 

You can also check on Craigslist or something similar to see if anyone in your area is looking for a dog sitter. 

3. Ask an elderly neighbor if you can walk their dog

This will help them out if they can’t get out very easily, or the weather is bad. You could also ask to walk with your neighbor and their dog. You can talk to each other, help your neighbor with the poop cleanup, and you get to spend time with a dog.

You can also make sure your neighbor doesn’t fall or get pulled down by their dog, if you go for a walk with them.

4. Go to a dog park

This might sound a little creepy, but you can watch the dogs play with each other at the dog park. You might feel a little weird at first, being the only person there without a dog, but it’s another way to make friends. And then you know you’ll have at least one friend with a dog that you can dog sit for while they go away.

Another option, is to swim at the dog beach. You’ll get to cool off from the hot summer sun with the dogs and splash and play in the water with them and their humans.

5. Work for a vet, groomer, or boarder

This might be a little harder, but apply for a job at a vet, groomer, or doggy daycare. There might be part time jobs available to work around your already busy schedule. They might even take you on as a volunteer a few times a month. It never hurts to ask. 

6. Watch dog videos on YouTube or TikTok

It’s not the same as playing with your own dog, or a friend’s dog, but it’s better than nothing. You can watch dogs online for hours at a time, and laugh at their antics without having to deal with the consequences of them. 

Check out books from your library and read about daring tales that dogs go on, whether fiction or non-fiction. 

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