5 Tips for Owners Whose Dog Hates the Car


Does your dog run and hide when they hear the car keys jingle? Do you find yourself chasing your furry friend down the street after another failed attempt to get them in the car? And after the battle of getting them in the car, riding with them is another ordeal. Well don’t cancel the trip to the groomers yet! Here are 5 helpful tips to get help with car rides:

  1. Turn the music down

According to the American Kennel Club, dogs can hear sounds at a frequency of 47,000-65,000 Hertz. Humans can only hear sounds at a frequency of 20,000 Hertz. This means dogs are more sensitive to sound, especially high pitched noises. As dogs are more sensitive to sound, loud music can increase nerves and discomfort. This is not to say you cannot have a jam session, but to keep the volume in mind when introducing your music taste to your. 

  1. Roll Down Your Window

Dogs absolutely love the rush of air on their face! The Dodo says, “based on smells alone, dogs can recognize familiar locations and even driving routes.” The rush of air stimulates a dog’s nose to sniff multiple scents at once, so dogs can recognize scents from places they have been. Keeping your window open will allow your dog to feel more comfortable by recognizing any familiar scents. 

  1. Make sure they go to the bathroom before the trip

Before any mention of a trip in the car, take your dog outside to avoid any potential accidents while in the car. The American Kennel Association confirms like humans, dogs can get nervous. If a dog does not like riding in the car, there is a reason. Maybe they remember a traumatic trip to the vet. Or maybe they are overwhelmed by the movement and physical stimuli of a moving car. With nerves, there is a bigger potential for an accident. To avoid a trip to the carwash, try to ensure your dog has an empty bladder before any car ride. 

  1. Let them play before the ride

Allowing your dog to play their favorite game or chew on a toy before a car ride will help them relax during the drive. This is because the dog feels content and a sort of control as they are allowed to engage in activity they enjoy before being forced to partake in an unwanted endeavour. 

  1. Bring a chew toy

As your dog is in unfamiliar territory, bringing a chew toy from home can help your dog feel comfort in seeing a symbol of familariority. Having a toy in the car will also allow your dog to occupy their mind and body during the ride. This will keep them still and keep their nerves (and yours) to a minimum. 

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