Winter fun with Dogs


Hello, everyone! I hope that you all are enjoying the winter season. After such a crazy year, why not celebrate, and have some fun I think that we all deserve to be relieved from this last year and just start over. I also think that everyone can use a pallet cleanser, when it comes to 2020, and relax to some nice winter music and spend time with your favorite pet or pets.  The winter season can be tough for a lot of people, So, let the season begin!

Why not pick up the little guy or girl some new winter clothing? Especially, if you live in the colder states, your little buddy will need to be bundled up. A new sweater and some booties could be great new attire for them on the cold walk outside. This might be more for the people, but who knows, some dogs out there are probably into fashion too, lol.

A fun activity for your whole family could be holding (Covid-safe) photo sessions with your dogs and the family. Any way to have some fun during this time is needed and also anyway to show off your furry children is needed too. Anytime that you can get dressed up, get the family dressed up, and get your doggo’s dressed up and take pictures of the occasion is necessary.

If you still have houses in your neighborhood that still have lights up, take your dogs on walks to see them. They like the lights as much as we do and have a great time looking at them. Those nighttime walks can also be a nice family event. If you happen to not have a dog, but you love them and love spending time with them, try to do some volunteering at a local dog shelter. Throughout the pandemic, there were a lot of adoptions, but through either financial situations or sometimes selfish decisions, a lot of those once adopted dogs are abandoned. When they are abandoned, it can sometimes (most of the time) overwhelm shelters and they might not have enough people or resources to fully take care of them. So, any time that you donate or any way you can give financially would be amazing for them. So, please try to give back if you can.

Hope this is beneficial in some way! Until next time!

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