5 Ideas For When Your Dog Won’t Exercise


It happens to most dog owners at some point. You and your dog are in the middle of a walk, at least a mile away from home and your dog sits down and just won’t walk anymore. When gently tugging on their leash does not work, you finish the walk by carrying a forty pound dog home. 

Sound familiar? Here are five tips to get your dog to exercise when they just won’t do it:

  1. Take Them To New Scenery

It is possible your dog does not want to go on their daily walk anymore because they are bored! They have seen the same old route everyday and are sick of it. Dogs love new places because there are new scents, new territories to mark and new places to explore. If you are having trouble motivating your dog to exercise, try taking them somewhere new. This could be a new trail, park, or maybe even a different route around the neighborhood. 

  1. Get Them Around Other Dogs

Dogs are extremely social animals and just like humans, need to be around others of their kind. As a dog owner, you could do this by inviting a friend and their dog to join you two on your evening walk. Another idea is to take your dog to a local dog park. By doing this, your dog is free to roam about and socialize without being confined to a leash. This way, your dog can make its own friends. (And bonus, you might end up making some new friends, too)

  1. Buy Them A New Toy 

If walking around new places and meeting new friends does not help motivate your dog to exercise, buy them a new toy. Buying your dog a new toy, especially one with a squeaker, will excite them to play fetch. Try squeaking the toy a few times to get your dog’s attention and then throwing the toy as far as you can. Your dog will most likely run for the new toy and beg you to throw it until it feels as if your arm is going to come off. 

  1. Examine Their Diet 

Maybe your dog does not want to exercise because they are lacking nutrients from their current food. According to the ASPCA website, dogs need water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats,vitamins, and minerals to maintain a healthy life. If your dog is not drinking enough water or eating a dog food containing the five vital elements for dog health listed above, then your dog might not be exercising because they need proper nutrition in their life. 

  1. Get Them A Checkup 

If after changing your dog’s diet, scenery and social time does not work, it is a good idea to think about making an appointment for a checkup at the veterinarian to ensure your dog does not have any underlying health issues keeping them from wanting to exercise.  

Hopefully these tips help get your pooch back to exercising!

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