Is your dog bored


According to the American Kennel Club, most dogs were bred to perform a certain job. But these days, many dogs don’t have to work for things. And not only are dogs not working, but they are often left home alone while their owners are at work or running errands.

Here are seven signs that your dog might be bored. However, they could also be signs that your dog has separation anxiety so check with your vet if you suspect that.

  • Your Dog Makes a Huge Mess in Your House

Does your dog make a big mess at home whenever you are away? Do you come home to a disarray of furniture, plants, and trash everywhere? Are plants dug up, lamps knocked over, or pillows ripped apart? Your dog may also knock over the trash can and dig through it, or chew or claw your furniture.

Your dog may also pull the stuffing out of all of his or her toys. Some dogs find that entertaining, especially when there is no one around to stop them.

  • Your Dog is Restless

If your dog is pacing or having trouble getting comfortable it could be due to boredom. 

There are also other causes of restlessness such as fleas or pain, so rule those out to make sure the restless behavior isn’t caused by something more serious.  

  • You Dog is Barking 

Is your dog barking a lot for no apparent reason? He or she just barks and you can’t figure out why. 

Look around your house to see if there is a reason for their barking, such as animals in the yard, or people on the sidewalk. If no one is there to capture your dog’s attention, then he or she is trying to be entertaining.    

  • Your Dog is Clingy 

Does your dog seem clingy toward you or guests when you are at home? Is he or she under your feet, tripping you up while you’re trying to do other tasks? Your dog may also snuggle up on top of you while you are relaxing for the night.  

  • Your Dog is Seeking Attention

Your dog may also jump a lot on you or your company or find other ways to get attention from you. Other attention seeking behavior could include pawing at you, your company, or your closed doors. 

  • Your Dog Escapes or Runs Away

Sometimes dogs escape on accident. But if your dog seems to run every time you open the door, it could be a good indication that he or she is bored around your house. 

  • Your Dog is Licking Excessively

Most of the time your dog will lick in order to keep clean or to show you affection. However, if it seems like all your dog does is lick, then your dog might be bored.

Most of these behaviors are done while you are away, however while you’re at home you will probably notice some of them as well. 

Your dog is mainly just looking for something to do to pass the time while you’re away. They also know there aren’t going to be immediate consequences, such as you stopping them.  

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