When To Put Shoes On Your Dog


Dressing your dog up in the latest doggy trends is the best!

There is nothing better than seeing a dog in a stylish robe or a funny Halloween costume. 

Putting your dog in little boots is adorable, however, it is also sometimes necessary for your dog depending on the weather. 

Whether you live in a place where the weather will soon feel like summer or you live in a place that will probably have snow on the ground until May, the question of when to put shoes on your dog is valid. 

In extreme weather conditions, such freezing temperatures and high heat, putting shoes on your dog is a good idea to prevent their feet from getting too cold or too hot. 

When taking your dog outside in the winter, put shoes on your dog if the ground is frozen or there is ice on the ground. 

The reason being for this is because the frozen ground can potentially prevent blood flow to your dog’s paws, causing them to get too cold and crack or start to bleed.

Another reason is the ice on the ground could potentially break off and impale or scrape your puppy’s paws. 

Having shoes on your dog’s paws can prevent this from happening!

As for the summer, when the weather becomes too hot, it is important to know when to put on shoes for your dog. 

The simple way to know if you need shoes for your dog in the summer is to test out the ground with the palm of your hand for around 5 seconds. 

If it is too hot for your hand, then you need to put shoes on your dog as the ground could potentially burn their paws.

Extreme weather conditions do not always dictate whether or not you should give your dog shoes. 

If you are taking your dog hiking, it is a good idea to examine the terrain of the ground in order to decipher if your dog needs shoes.

If the ground has a lot of small rocks and plants on the ground, putting your dog in shoes will prevent a small rock hurting your dog. Shoes can also potentially prevent your dog coming into contact with a harmful plant. 

Similar to keeping your dog away from a harmful plant, if you are traveling in a particularly dirty city, one with a lot of buildings creating smog and harmful chemicals, putting your dog in shoes can potentially keep your dog from coming into contact with these substances. 

It might seem a little excessive, but remember, your dog licks their paws if they are irritated and they could potentially ingest a harmful substance which could have been prevented by putting shoes on your dog.

Remember to not always put shoes on your dog because it is not completely necessary.

As dog’s paws are made to endure tough surfaces, you do not always want to put shoes on your dog, but to protect their health and safety, put shoes or boots on your dog! 

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