More Winter Fun With Dogs


I thought that maybe I thought of enough things that you could do with your dog in the wintertime, but there is so much that you could do with dogs, lol. I found so many things that I knew I had to share with you all. In the northeast things have been pretty cold, icy, and snowy. This can be pretty polarizing in terms of what people are enjoying all through the wintertime, but there’s no doubt that your furry friends are enjoying the white stuff, lol. So, I hope that you enjoy and can do activities (with your dogs) that I’m sharing and not think that it’s too much, lol.

If you happen to be someone who loves the slopes or just renting a cabin/resort, you might want to consider taking your dog or dogs along for the outing. Some people probably think that dogs would think it’s too cold, but I’ve learned that they enjoy it. A lot of dog owners can teach their dogs how to snowboard and wouldn’t want their furry friends enjoying the slopes with them. Don’t forget, if you are planning on taking your dog or dogs with you, pack them some warm clothes and boots, to help keep them warm.

One thing that might be constant on everyone’s minds during this time is keeping busy or trying to keep your minds sharp. This should also be yours when you are thinking of your dogs. It is so easy to fall behind and constantly feel less and less like completing tasks throughout the day. These feelings and that energy could be passed along to the dog. So, if you have free time, why not take that time to teach them some new tricks? Especially, if you are the outdoors type, with the snow and everything, their energy will be high and most likely ready to learn.

Downtime is also a great thing to remember when it comes to your dog. Right now, there is probably so much time where you can relax and calm down with your dog and you should take advantage. When taking advantage, why not make the environment as comfortable as possible? You know that your dog is going to want to lay down next to you or in front of you. So, when they do, give them a nice big bone to chew on as you guys are maybe hanging out by the fire.

Overall, just enjoy the time that you can with your awesome dogs! Until next time!

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