When Your Dog Needs Extra Love


Of course we love our dogs. 

We sometimes treat our dogs better than we treat our own family members. However, with day to day life, it is easy to feel as if caring for our dogs is another daily chore. 

Here are ways you can give your dog extra love:

Give Them A Special Meal 

Maybe your dog loves cheeseburgers but it is not healthy to  give them a special meal. Maybe your dog devours a particular dog food pre-packed meal but it is too expensive to purchase all of the time. Or possibly your dog enjoys a puppy friendly dessert from your local bakery. Whatever treat your dog loves, go buy or make it for them! Your dog might not understand why you are giving him or her this treat, but their taste buds will be happy! 

Exercise Together

Whether your dog is young and rambunctious or old and lazy, taking your dog on a run will allow your dog’s serotonin levels to increase through the rush of endorphins, thus making your furry friend feel happier. Your dog will also feel pampered because they have been able to spend time with you. If your dog will not go on a run with you, play fetch or tug-of-war with their favorite toy. The object of exercising together is to spend time with your dog, while increasing their serotonin levels.

Take Them To A Dog-Spa

A dog spa is the ultimate way to pamper because it is geared towards dogs! Depending on your area, there are either self-serve dog spas, mobile dog spas, and even places you can drop off your dog for a day geared just for them. Depending on the specific place you take your dog, there are treatments made to simply relax your dog, groom your dog, or both.

Take Them On An Outdoor Excursion

Depending on your lifestyle and the weather of your town, your dog might spend more time inside than outside, especially right now. Your dog might be feeling cooped up in the house, so take them outdoors! Even if you need to bundle your dog up in snow boots and a doggy-coat, take your dog to the mountains or a local dog park. If you live on the coast or by a lake, take them to a dog friendly beach! Your dog will feel excited by the change of scenery and ultimately, very loved. 

Talk To Your Dog

Dogs are social beings. It is easy to talk about your dog, but do not forget to talk directly to them. Dogs love receiving attention, so talking to them will allow them to feel noticed and validated. 

Having a dog is an adventure. Day-to-day life does get stressful and it is easy to forget how much your dog loves you and needs love back. 

However, do not feel too bad if you feel guilty for not giving your dog as much love as possible lately. At the end of the day, as long as your dog does have his or her basic needs met, you are doing a great job as a dog owner. 

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