Childhood Memories With Our Dog We All Experienced


To have a childhood pet is a gift, especially to have a dog.

Dogs are loyal and willing to be your pal whenever you need them.

Upon speaking with friends and colleagues this week, it seems even though we all have experienced different childhoods, we all have similar memories with our dogs.

Here are a few:

Sneaking Food To Your Dog 

Dogs love food, but many foods considered healthy for humans are not considered healthy for dogs. As a kid, you do not think about that kind of stuff, so when your parents told you to not feed your already overweight terrier bites of pepperoni pizza, you did not care. When their little eyes stare at you and they start to whine, you simply tore off pieces secretly and threw them on the floor when your mom was not looking.

Dressing Up Your Dog in Your Clothes

When you were bored and you had no idea what else to do with your time because you were eight years old, you dressed up your dog. Putting them in a skirt and hat always seemed like the most thrilling for some reason, maybe because it was the easiest to slip on and off. Vivid memories of pink sequined skirts, a ballcap, and a chunky necklace comes to mind. Your dog definitely did not love getting dressed up, but the pictures you took shows you did.

Crying To Your Dog While Your Parents Fought

Even in the most loving households, parents fight. Fighting is a natural part of a relationship, but even knowing that as a child, it does not make it any easier hearing your parents shout at each other in the next room. So as a kid, you grabbed your dog and took him or her down to your room and let them lick up your tears while feeling like your world was ending. 

Playing Make-Believe Games in Your Backyard

After school and you had finished your spelling homework, or on a Saturday, you and your best friend enlist your dog to be your loyal companion on some great made-up adventure. One day your dog helped you dig for buried treasure, another day she helped you while shipwrecked on a deserted island, and another day your dog became a mermaid with you while swimming in the pool.

Crying To Your Dog When You Got In Trouble

It seems as if whenever there was an injustice in the confusing world of childhood, your dog was there for you. After committing some form of childhood crime, like back-talking one of your parents or not making your bed when asked, you get sent to your room. You cried and hugged your dog while letting the woes of childhood wash over you. 

Childhood is a wonderful and difficult time. 

To grow up with a dog to help you navigate the magic and confusing situations and emotions which occur in childhood is, again, a gift.

Did you experience any of these situations with your dog?