Things Lab Owners Get


This website may be named after bulldogs, but bulldogs aren’t the only awesome breed. Another amazing dog is the classic labrador retriever. These beautiful gun dogs make amazing and handsome pets. Every dog breed is unique, and their differences result in different experiences as an owner.

1. Every commercial dog looks like your dog

That or they look like your dog as a puppy, and that makes the commercial two billion times better. If there is ever a dog in a commercial, chances are it’s a yellow lab. Even if you don’t have a yellow lab, you may have watched a commercial and saw that a lighter version of your pupper in it. Also, if you walk into the toilet paper aisle and see Cottonelle, you see one of your pupper’s cousins on the wrapper. However, as lab owners, we all think that our lab is the cutest, even though there are lots like our dog.

2. So many other people have the same dog as you

Labs are a popular breed! You may have seen someone who has your exact dog breed. Perhaps at least one other lab you’ve seen looked like your lab’s twin. If not, you could have walked by another lab and seen what your dog would look like in another color. In addition to coming in multiple colors, labs are very common service and emotional support dogs. This is due to their empathy, loyalty, and intelligence. Labs are a common choice for those who enjoy hunting since that’s the reason they were first bred. Since so many people have the same dog as you, they probably know the struggles you’ve had as a labrador parent.

3. They eat everything

Labs are very likely to become obese, which makes sense given their appetite. Labs will bend over backward for the smallest crumb of food. It’s just a given that you’ll see a pair of begging eyes every time you sit down at the dinner table or really just eat anything in front of your Lab. Whatever you have, they want some of it and will do anything for you to share. They may even eat it once you’ve thrown it away. I know I’m not the only lab owner who has come home to a floor covered in garbage and a guilty dog. It’s always frustrating when a dog scatters trash everywhere.

4. Labs are an awesome breed but your lab is the best

This may apply to any dog breed owner, but it’s worth saying. As cute, sweet, and gorgeous as other labs are, they can’t compete with yours. They don’t have years of memories with you nor do they greet you when you come home. No dog other than yours can offer that.

Labradors are amazing dogs and having one will result in many years of happiness. During those years you can’t expect to eat all of your food without feeling terrible for saying no to puppy eyes. These gun dogs are fun dogs.