Ways to Get to Know Other Dog Neighbors


Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well! I also hope that wherever you are, you’re experiencing some nice and warmer weather. I bet you and your dogs are looking forward to the warmer weather. I guess some doggos do love the winter though, with the snow, extra clothes, maybe some of the extra treats around the holiday season, and the extra time spent with them. But, as the weather gets warmer and nicer, there might be more opportunities to take your dogs out for walks. With more walks, there are probably more run-ins with your human and dog neighbors. But, it’s not always easy to introduce yourselves, especially after spending so much time away from other people, it could be hard to be as outgoing like we all used to. So, I thought that I would share some ways to make that transition to gaining more human and dog friends a bit easier.

After being in a pandemic, quarantine, and lockdowns all over the country. It’s pretty hard to just introduce yourself, you’re out of practice, and you might feel a bit anxious about it. But, you want to get to know people again and you might have new neighbors. Why not go on Facebook and look for your community group? This group could link you to other dog owners in your neighborhood (maybe even close to you), and that could make things easier.

Or, if you feel comfortable enough, maybe start with putting up flyers or signs in your neighborhood. Maybe have the signs show that you are vaccinated, or understanding the social distancing rules, and want to make the group as safe as possible for others. Plus, the health benefits of getting out and walking. That reassurance could mean a lot to people.  You never know how many people close to you are just itching to make friends again and make new friends for their dogs. Reaching out like this to people could be a great thing for some people. It’s been a tough and lonely year or so, and people hungry for some sense of normalcy, why have the doggos help you back into normal too.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you all. I think dogs can very well be a way to get to know each other and connect again. Have fun gaining new friends and neighbors! Until next time!

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