cute puppy wearing a party hat

Fun Ideas and Pandemic Birthdays for Dogs


When it comes to those special doggos in our lives, we often want to treat them. We also might want to over-treat them sometimes lol. What better day to do that is on their birthday or adoption day. But, it could be hard to do that, during these times of quarantine. People just can’t celebrate the way that they used to and can’t be a real pain. Especially, when it comes to celebrations that used to involve a bunch of people. I think we all miss being able to set up a party or reservation somewhere with a bunch of people and having a great time. Even though we might be heading towards a turning point (ending the pandemic), it can still be a hassle to throw any kind of party. Amidst all of this confusion and headaches, your doggos probably miss their furry friends too. So, I thought I would some ideas on how to have a fun time celebrating your dogs in these quarantine times.

One way might be to go virtual… Even though it isn’t the same as getting together with people in person, it could be the next best thing. I think getting a bunch of people together with their dogs could be fun for you (and also the dogs). A way to make it fun for the dogs is to maybe connect your laptops to your TVs, that way your dog can have a better view of everyone and know what’s going on. This could also be a fun time for you owners and see some people that you haven’t seen in a while.

Next, a dog park celebration. Being outside might be the safest way to do something like this. Also, being outside would be the best for the dog, in terms of happiness. Watching them run around with their friends will be great for you too. Also, have the doggos share cake or special treats, before or after all of the running around. This would be a great time for everyone involved and could turn into an annual thing, who knows?

Another thing could just be spoiling them for a day. Take them to the groomer, let them get a nice haircut and bath. Or, maybe take them to their favorite pet store and pick out a new toy or some treats. Maybe pick up a huge bone for them to chew on or something. Since summer is coming up soon, you could freeze a new toy or treat on ice and let them lick their way to their new toy or treat. Also, a nice big puppuccino never fails.

I hope that if you thinking about ways to celebrate your dogs, these suggestions help and give you and your dog the best day possible! Until next time!