white and black siberian husky puppy

Celebrating Your Adopted Pet’s “Gotcha Day”


As a dog owner who has adopted three rescue dogs at home (brother and sister Black labs and a Pitbull mix), my family and I have celebrated many “Gotcha Days”. Among rescue pet parents and families, “Gotcha Day” is a annual celebration of the day their furry little friend(s) became a part of their forever family.

It is a great alternative when little to no information is available on your new pet in regards to their actual date of birth. It gives families a chance to show a little love back to the animals that have filled their homes with so much joy from the moment they came to their forever home.

The ways to make the day as special as possible will vary from family to family. Most of us know our pets better than we know anyone else, so it should be easy to fill their special day with their favorite things. Gifts such as new toys, treats like their favorite biscuits or pet-friendly human foods, and outdoor activities such as going on a long walk or a trip to the dog park, and even spending all day on the couch with their favorite human can be great ways to celebrate.

No matter how you celebrate, it is important to show your furry family member just how much you love them. Happy Gotcha Day!