couple sitting near fireplace with their dog

Fall Activities With Dogs


Hello everyone!

Are you stuck trying to find something to do with your dog? Does it seem like there aren’t a lot of options to do with your dog? It probably feels like you just can’t leave the house with your dog and why bother trying. A bunch of dog owners I know told me that this can be a very annoying thing to come across, especially during the colder months, because you just want to find a warm place to hang with your little buddies, along with going outside to places and getting fresh air. Well, I thought that I would some of the places that some of my friends informed me about. Indoor and outdoor places to take your dog.

One of the indoor activities a friend told me about and was a shock to me was going to the movies. I thought you could only bring therapy or service dogs to the theater, but apparently, some theaters allow dogs. But, of course, you have to check ahead of time. My friend said that they did a few years ago, so I’m not sure if it’s still allowed, especially in the times of Covid. You never know. Call and check with your local theater. If you’re allowed, have a great movie night with a great pet.

A cool one that I was told about is Apple Picking. A friend informed that her dog was so excited about apple picking and that the dog would love to eat the apples. Something that took me by surprise, I kind of thought that was something that dogs couldn’t eat. But, if you cut them up and take out the cores, they (or at least her dog) apparently loves them. What a way to make an already fun activity even better, right? Also, don’t forget to get some cider and other stuff for yourselves lol.

This is for the sports fans. Take your dog tailgating. A couple of friends shared that they love to take their dog tailgating with them when they have the time. They brought up that they even have a group of friends with dogs, that tailgate with them and they all share food (human and dog-friendly), blankets, heated dog beds, and other things with each other while taking in the football game. Sounds like a ton of fun to me lol. Dogs, food, football, it really doesn’t get any better than that!

I have some more to share but I won’t overload you with them in this post. Promise to share more soon!

Until next time!