fluffy purebred dog giving paw to crop man drinking coffee at table

Thanksgiving with Dogs


Hello, everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying the fall weather and hope your dogs are enjoying it too! During this time of year, the dogs are probably enjoying the leaves falling and getting the chance to run through them daily. But, since it’s the holiday season, how can we incorporate our dogs into the family and friend festivities that will be coming up?

Well, I wanted to focus on how to help your dog or dogs enjoy and have fun during Thanksgiving this year.

Last two years, we had an unprecedented year, and a lot of families had to either celebrate the holidays alone or maybe virtually. But, I think that this year more and more families will be able to celebrate together and that can be somewhat intimidating for a dog. So, first and foremost, remember they are animals, if you have a bunch of little ones coming over and the dog might not be used to that stimulation, accidents can happen. Think of either preparing your dog or dogs for the incoming kiddos or, vice versa prepare the kids to be calm and gentle and let the dog/dogs warm up to them. Safety first!

If you’re a very active family, you have that annual family football game on the front lawn, make sure to have something out there for the dog to enjoy too. Make bring out their favorite toy or ball and throw it around with them.

Also, for snacks, lunch, and the big meal. I know it’s hard to not give them a bit of what you’re eating, but make sure that you’re not giving them too much. Instead, maybe get them something to chew on or find some healthy treats to seldomly give them throughout the day.

For the most part, just try to have the best time you can with your dog or dogs. Nowadays, we need to grasp onto and have every little bit of happiness that we can. Let those doggos bring some more joy to your thanksgiving holiday and theirs!

Until next time!