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Ways to Spice Up a Dog Collar


It happens to almost any dog owner; your dog’s once vibrantly colored collar is now faded and falling apart, you see another dog with a cuter collar than the one your dog has, or maybe you just get sick of your dog’s collar. We get it, dog collars are important, but sometimes they can look super plain or get worn out. Here are a few tips to get you out of your collar rut.

1. Get one in a bold color

Your puppy dogs are not only your companion, but also another way to express your fashion sense. We know that accessories are not a good reason to get a dog; your taste in dogs says a lot about your character, but what you make them wear says more about your aesthetic preferences. If you want your puppy’s accessories to stand out, a good way to make sure they do is to get a neon collar. A bold color will turn some heads, and the same is true for a bold pattern, rhinestones, or fabrics. You can also style other parts of the collar.

2. Up your tag game

Make your dog tag a cute shape or color! We recommend the heart shaped tag, you just can’t go wrong with having your pupper wear a symbol of love. Also, you could get a dog tag with rhinestones, every dog looks good with a little bling. If you wanted you could also engrave a custom message or even your dog’s nickname onto the tag, but be sure to put your contact info first, don’t want to lose your doggy. There are plenty of accessories to help keep your baby at arm’s length.

3. Also up your leash game!

One could say that a leash is an extension of your dog’s collar. Both help you keep your dog from running away and can be super cute. You could mix and match leashes and even do the same with harnesses. Better yet, you could also match the leashes to any dog clothes you may have. You could also coordinate the leashes to your outfit so both you and your dog look cute. As cute as your leash may be, it likely won’t be perfect for every outfit. 

4. Switch it up!

Who says your dog only has to have one collar? None of us here think that! You can get multiple ones to fit your mood, match your outfit, or for whatever reason you choose. The possibilities are endless and you can pair them with leashes. Be sure that each collar still has your contact information in case you lose your dog. 

A dog’s collar can hold years of memories, but it just doesn;t always look as nice as the day you bought it. Also, it doesn’t match every outfit and that’s another problem. Having a nice dog collar looks great on the dog and can match your style too. Also, it can match anything else your dog may wear. As great as a fashionable collar is, we believe that your dog will look adorable in anything.

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