woman in white sweater sitting beside white dog

Holiday Sights for Dogs


Hello everyone!

Does anyone else love sightseeing and or road trips? Does everyone love to bring their dog’s sightseeing or on road trips with them? I thought it was a weird thing to do, but apparently, it’s a thing that a lot of people do and seems like a very cool experience to have with your dog or dogs. You both get a chance to get out of the house and have an adventure together, even though, you’re trading the couch for a car lol. What’s better than having your favorite pets come along for the fun and adventure?!

Where better to take your dog than to a park or to safe wooded areas. While you’re out a nice walk at a local park, taking in the sights, looking at the colorful leaves changing, make sure to bring your dogs along with you. They get to release energy and your neighbors get to interact with you and your beautiful four-legged friend. Plus, maybe your buddy can meet some new dog friends along the way, or, find a nice stick to take back home and play within the yard.  While it may be fun a time for them, you should always keep a close eye on if they are eating leaves. Certain ones can be very bad for them to eat, so let them have their fun, but not too fun.

Another treat for them will be taking them along on a walk around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights. My cousin’s dog’s eyes literally light up when she gets to walk around the lit neighborhoods, during the holidays. I’ve heard that even some businesses (that are pet-friendly, check beforehand) do special things for pets. They might have some treats, some holiday sales for pet clothing, etc. So, even a shopping trip can turn into fun new sights for the dogs.

Hop in the car and just go for a drive with them. Let them take in all of the new noises and smells. They will love the fall smells and driving with you. Just make sure to pack plenty of treats and water for the road trip. Also, make sure to plan potty breaks for them along the way, don’t need any accidents on a nice day out.

Whatever you do, I hope that you and your dogs can have the best time and maybe even turn them into traditions or great memories. Which won’t be hard, I mean, let’s admit it dogs are the life of any party.

Until next time!