Restaurants That Offer “Secret Menu Items” For Your Pet


We all love a good treat from our favorite restaurants and cafés, and now, even your four-legged best friend can enjoy a treat from some chains. Next time your dog is being a ‘good boy’, treat him to one of the following menu items made specially for dogs, and he is sure to be delighted!


Perhaps one of the most famous chains in this list is the acclaimed coffee shop Starbucks. We’re all guilty of indulging in one of their delicious cappuccinos or frappuccinos, and now even your dog can be a part of our guilty pleasures! Don’t panic, they will not be feeding any caffeine to your dog. Simply order a ‘puppuccino’ whenever you find yourself at your local Starbucks and are in the company of your dog, and they will hand you over a tiny cup filled with whipped cream.

Shake Shack
This Eastern chain offers their own limited menu for your dogs, offering items such as the ‘Pooch-ini’, a ‘burger’ made out of their famed pet biscuits with peanut butter sauce and vanilla custard on top, and the ‘Bag o’ Bones’, which is a small bag with five of their ShackBurger pet biscuits on it.

Everybody loves a good cupcake from Sprinkles, especially their famed Red Velvet ones. Thankfully for your pets, they now offer doggy cupcakes made specially for them. These dog-friendly cupcakes are all sugar-free and the frosting is made out of yogurt instead of dairy and/or butter, making it all that safer for your dog to enjoy.

Tim Hortons
If you happen to live in Canada, you know that Time Hortons is a must. You would also know that their famous Timbits, which are freshly-made tiny doughnuts, are also a must. They are now offering the Timbits for your pet as well, so that he can also enjoy one of the chain’s staple items. The dog-focused Timbits are made sugar-free and given to you for free when asked, but they do limit you to one per canine

In N’ Out
If you are lucky enough to live in the West Coast and near an In N’ Out, you are probably aware of the chain’s numerous secret menu items, ranging from protein patties to cheesy fries. They have now also added a ‘pup patty’, which is salt-free hamburger patty that is handed out in its’ own puppy bag.