PetChatz Device Lets You Chat With Your Dog While You’re Away


How many times have you had to leave your home for a couple of days, or maybe just for the afternoon while you are at work, and wished instead you could be at home with your pet? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if our dogs could simply FaceTime with us while we’re away so we could see their cute little faces and see what they’re up to? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you should get excited because there is now a new device that enables us to do just that – chat with your pets from your smartphone whenever you aren’t home.

The new device, which is called PetChatz, lets you initiate a two-way chat with your pet whenever you’re away from home, making that time away pass by just a little quicker after seeing and hearing from your beloved pet. The device can be put up on any wall throughout your house, and will produce a sound whenever you are calling to get your dog’s attention and get him near to the device. Not only will you be able to see and hear him, and vice versa, but you can also set up the device to distribute your dog’s favorite treats whenever you’re missing him a tad bit too much. You can also even train your best friend to call you whenever he’s lonely with the PetCall feature – train him to press the specified button whenever he needs you and the app will notify you if your dog is calling you.

Despite it being seemingly complicated, the PetChatz device is actually quite simple to set up and get it working. Firstly, you need to mount the device on your preferred wall over an electrical outlet. Second, you must connect the device to your home’s WiFi network. You can access the PetChatz device on your home when away by downloading the app on either your phone or tablet, or simply logging in the website from your computer. After that, you can fill up the device with your dog’s favorite treats and set up when you want it to dispense said treats. Lastly, access your personal PetChatz account and  call your dog, record him to save memories, or dispense any treat whenever he seems to be lonely.

This new technological device will be helpful to all those who have to travel for work often or for all those who are simply missing their pets when away. You can comfort your dog if he’s feeling lonely, and, in return it will give you peace of mind knowing what your dog is up to whenever you’re not there to keep an eye out for him.